Things are getting crazy, I got a credit card and Brodie my dog is gone

From what I see on the internet there is a growing backlash at the MSM culture. From the Boycott of Disney Star Wars to Comics book artists and writers going with independent or self publishing.  We see some of this from self published books via Amazon but now Amazon is starting to ban authors for “Wrong Think”.  Now some people are trying out digital downloads/ serializing their books via a website or using Patreon or Indegogo to publish paper/hardback books. Now I’m not a comic book reader but I love books and using a kindle to read new authors at a low price is great.  I’m invetigating how I can buy a writer’s work directly from the authors website.  Amazon is easy and convenient but they can drop an author for any reason or no reason at all if they( Amazon) gets pissed off by “wrong think” and in this PC/Cancel culture that can happen quickly to anyone.  I have been re-reading the series from Jay Allen and Ryk Brown books that are Military Sci-Fi genre.  If you like Weber, Ringo type authors you will probably like these books.

I got a credit card but I’m using it a completely different way than what I was taught as a “debt instrument” or short term loan over a couple of months.  I hate debt so getting a credit card is crazy, right?  But what if you only buy items on sale in between pay checks then pay off the card the next week or two weeks?  No interest is accrued on the card because you always pay off the debt before the 25 day billing/interest cycle occurs/rollsover into next months payment.  From what I have seen this is how financially smart people use credit cards.  The smart people never carry a credit balance over 25 days but pay off the debt the next payday.

For me I see a great sale on food items but the sale happens5-7 days before I get paid. I can use the credit card to take advantage of the savings and then pay off the credit card when I get paid.  I am not using a credit card to live above my means. I’m just expanding the opportunity of getting good sale prices on weeks I don’t get paid.  Credit card debt is very easy to fall into the minimum  payment rather than paying the card odd every month to avoid interest.  I have been in in some ugly debt and I have gone mostly cash for my living expenses.  I’m going to try out using the credit card and see if it saves me money or costs me money.

Brodie my dog, is over the rainbow bridge.  He was having some tummy troubles the last 7-14 days and losing weight fast.  The vet confirmed he had a tummy tumor and at 15 years old I did not think any medical treatment could give him a good life for additional year or two.  I did not request for a biopsy because any surgery would have been physically hard on him.  Brodie was “uncomfortable” when I took him in but he was aware and could bark at other dogs at the vet shop.  Godspeed Brodie… Until we meet again!

Mom is bringing over the kittens for a tryout in my house with Smokey the cat and Tucker the peke.  I read about German Shepard mix that is 3 years old that might be a good addition to Casa de Chaos.  We will see how Tucker likes the dog at the pound’s meet and greet.  I will set the parameters on the meet and greet not the “shelter”.  Me and Tucker the peke will test out several dogs at the pound and see what fits for both of us.  I won’t get a dog that won’t fit in with my current pets.

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