New kittens are named and are settling in.

The 2 new kittens are named Ash and Teeg.  Ash is grey with some Tabby stripes but the reason for the name is that kitten jumped into the ash bucket by my wood stove. Teeg is fascinated by Tucker the peke.  Teeg has rubbed all over Tucker, walked under Tuck’s belly, ate the dry dog food and generally just disarmed most of Tucker’s anti-cat behavior.  Tucker will not share my bedroom or allow the kittens on my bed but over all integrating the new kittens is going much better than I had anticipated.

These kittens seem very smart and can be trained on basic behavior.  I’ve had the kittens for few days and both are using a small kitty litter box.  Ash is the “explorer” and jumped on my computer desk.  I removed Ash from the desk  to a chair or the floor and seemed to get the desk is off limits.  Of course Ash climbs my Computer chair and climbs on me, but in just a couple of days this kitten generally avoids climbing on my PC desk.

I’m keeping the “doggie door” blocked to stop the kittens from going outside.  I like having out door/indoor cats but the kittens are so small and don’t have a mama cat to train them about my yard and safe areas.  I’m going to give them a few weeks to get used to my house being the safe place, before I let them outdoors.  Smokey the cat is not happy about the kittens but she has ate the dry kitten food and is stand offish.

While I have had cats.  I have not dealt with 8 week old kittens in decades.  These kittens have been a great distraction from the death of Brodie not only for Tucker but for myself.  I miss Brodie but the kittens remind me life goes on.  Over all having 2 new kittens at Casa de Chaos is looking good.


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