Kitties “fixed” and vaccinated, adding more kindling, yard cleanup and Thanksgiving!

It is confirmed I got 2 male kitties and both have been fixed a got the rabies shot and another shot for most the basic cat stuff, though there is another recommended shot for cats.  I got the kittens fixed at a local pet rescue called “Pet Haven” and they focus on cat rescues.  So for $90.00 I had two male kittens neutered and given rabies and another “cat” vaccine.  The kittens did not seem overly stressed and no problems ( infections/ sutures) have come up five days after surgery.  The kittens have been climbing trees and are still in (kitten mode) of exploring the world via my backyard portion of it. Of course Ash the kitten decided to jump into the wood stove when I was cleaning out the wood ash.

I’m trying to fill up my “kindling box”.  I should  have made a smaller box to fill. I split up enough kindling to fill the box about 5-6 inches deep.  Mom picked up a big box of kindling that should last her a week or two and I filled up my indoor kindling box so the time to get to work again!  I’m staying ahead of out kindling wood needs and I have had time to sharpen the axe and hatchet between cutting sessions. Plus I love my new wood cutting “stumps”. Splitting chunks of wood is much easier, if your cutting stump is about 18-24 inches tall depending on your height.  Cutting kindling works best for me around 24-30 inches stump.   I was amazed how much better my axe splits firewood with that extra six inch of travel time/gravity assist.  I would suggest that you split wood with an axe at level between your hips and knees, or around 18-24 inches for most people.  Cutting kindling seems to work best for me at a height of 24-30 inches.  I’m 5 ft. 6 and this is wood kindling cutting height is just below kitchen counter top height.

The BIG!!! winter storm that hit was a little over hyped,  at least for what hit around my place in Nampa.  I did get a lot of wind but not much more than just damp ground from all the SNOW!!  I’m glad the storm was a “bust” as I could get more yard cleanup done in the backyard.  Hopefully this weekend I can finish up all the leaves in the backyard and get some cleanup done on the grape vines, roses and trees done around the house.  Once that cleanup is done I can start adding Xmas lights to the front yard. I love using the Xmas light nets on my chain link fence! The net lights are easy to put up and look great with very little effort.  I haven’t installed Xmas lights on the exterior of the house since I got vinyl siding. I don’t want to drill into the siding and most “clips” don’t seem to fit into my siding. I’d like to add a couple of those projector type lights but that will depend on the budget.

For Thanksgiving I’m setting up BBQing the Turkey over Mesquite lump charcoal.  I’m  brining the turkey in kosher salt, brown sugar in apple cider and a few fresh herbs and spices. If you can maintain a BBQ temp of 325-350 for 2-4  hours.  Cooking a Turkey on the grill is simple if not easy because you have to rotate the bird about every 20 minutes to cook evenly.  I’m cooking the Lodge Southern cookbook  Mac and Cheese. At 2.5 pounds of cheese, plus butter, milk and half & half.  The density of dairy goods is epic! Sausage stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, roasted green beans with garlic and fresh baked bread will be on the menu.  Of course we have not forgotten the pie.  Lemon Meringue for me and Pumpkin pie for Mom.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  It has been a “strange” year of trying new stuff, getting ahead and then falling behind projects.  I’m so thankful that the pantry and freezer is full, the house is warm and the bills are paid.


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