Cleaned out the small chest freezer

Cleaning out the little chest freezer went quicker than I had expected.  I feel bad that I wasted some food but now I can use that freezer as storage while I clean out old stuff from the other freezers.  There will be more tossed old “food” but I’ll get freezer that can store food to use by the “use by date”/ before freezer burn or age can ruin the food.  I was disappointed with my Thanksgiving turkey having an old taste to the skin though the meat tasted fine.   Now I can move the newly frozen goods from the big freezer to the small freezer and clean out any food that is over a year old.  I have read that a pressure cooker can mitigate “freezer burn” taste.  But for me I’m going to clean out the old stuff and try to be better at rotating food in and out of the freezers rather than try and keep them full of sales items.

I’m looking to buy new vacuum sealer to my old one that does not seal well/easily.  What is nice is vacuum food sealers tend to go on sale at Xmas time so that should be an easy buy next payday.  Yes, vacuum sealed products last much longer in the freezer, compared to double wrapped products. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.  Of course not cooking meat/vegatables before they have aged 2-3 years in a freezer would have helped a bit!

I’m buying a few computer items and getting my geek on. I just upgraded my video card to a newish 570 AMD from a 370 AMD.  The upgrade in frame rates is very impressive for a $120.00 card.  I have an older Mother board with DDR 3 memory and an older AM3  socket for the CPU so the next upgrade will have to include a new mother board, CPU and memory chips at a cost of at least $500.00.  This will be a “gaming PC build”  that should be up gradable or solid for most of the task I want for about five years.

I like how AMD CPU chips are powerful and reasonably priced for a home builder.  The Bitcoin miners really drove up the price of memory chips, multi-thread CPUs and Graphics cards but now the price is starting to drop for the mid-range CPU and mid cost range Graphic cards.  I got Borderlands 3 as a free game via my buying the AMD 570 video card.  I suck at playing the game, but I am having fun with the game.  I like how I can play the game offline and learn the game.  How can anyone “get gud” at a game when they get Crushed anytime they try to play the game online?  Playing against bots is easier than against people online but bots do give noobies a place to start playing the game.  If a noob can beat the bots they should be better player than anyone that didn’t play/beat the bots.  I do understand gamers that expect a level of competence playing any PC game.  I recommend for any new gamers learn to move side to side and minimize the bunny hop.

I did spurge this month and get a few small upgrades for my PC.  The AMD 570 video card really made a difference on getting a good frame rate out of video games.  The good thing is this VC will work with the upgraded Mother board.  I got a new thin bezel Acer LCD monitor and it looks so good I bought another to have a dual monitor set up.   This a sort of mile stone for me getting good dual monitors for gaming.  I’ll still suck at game play but I’ll have fun playing the game!  I’m 50 year old + woman with nerve damage that can get crushed playing video games.  Good for you gamer you beat me!

Any hoo, there are a lot of great games out there to play and if you have fun and enjoy your playtime then you win!


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