I like Trump and I want the congress to eliminate the War Powers act!

I think Trump did a good job “threading the needle” with Iran of hitting them hard but also giving them a face saving out.  I think he sent a good message of strength to the middle eastern terrorist factions as this president hits back.  I don’t want the USA in the middle east involved in forever wars. I was a soldier and though I never served in a combat zone I had many friends who did serve. If the wars never end why should anyone sacrifice themselves to fight the war.

I had hope in Pelosi and the House limiting the WAR POWERS Act.  She did nothing but pass a non-binding resolution along mostly party lines that means “nothing changes”.  I want Congress to reassert it’s power of the purse and pass a realistic budget based on current tax collections.  I want the SCOTUS to treat all of the rights in the Bill of Rights as sacrosanct and over any of those rights via the legislature or popular vote is an anathema that violates the Constitution.  If you think an Amendment to the Constitution is wrong there are provisions to add or revoke amendments.  I’d love to revoke the 17th Ammendment of Senators being elected by “popular vote” and let the states Appoint Senators again via whatever mechanism the States chooses.  It could be a state popular vote or vote of the state legislature or even a Governor appointment.  We just need the US Senate to be a “brake” to passing laws via the mob/ or it is popular on twitter.

I like Trump, I disliked Obama as Presidents.  Trump will not be President forever and we need to restore the checks and balances of power the US Government.  Yes, there will be gridlock that is not a bug, but a feature. As people will find away to work around the gridlock if it needed.  Virginia is a good example of a grass roots push back against a over-reaching state government. As the Founders hoped each state would be an incubator of different types of societies.  I doubt this is how the Founders thought it would turn out but let’s roll with this idea.  California is the Social paradise the Progressive Democrats/Socialist want.  Many people don’t want to live in California.  Texas is conservative in politics.  Pro capitalist, pro private property rights, low taxes and minimal government interference with people.

A lot of people hate politics and just want to be left alone to live as they wish.  They don’t give a damn about “issues” they MUST care about, according to the elites. Those people see how the elites live.  Al Gore was so concerned about Global warming and the rising oceans he bought Beach front property.  Obama bought a several million dollar Beach house property in the Hampton’s that is literally is less than 300 yards from the Atlantic Ocean.   How does that compare to a guy having to government mandated Flood insurance in the mid west?  Or a rancher/farmer in the west trying to protect his crops, farm animals or trees from wild fires and droughts.

Trump does not get a pass with me as he was more than willing to go after a homeowner to make a parking lot of her home for one of his casinos in Jersey.  It was not a personal attack but that really strikes at an individual and is “punching down”.  I wonder why no one in the DNC never brings up DJT being an ass is some of his real estate dealings? Who could bring this charge and assume a Moral High Ground?    Bernie Sanders ( I own 3 homes Socialist).  Elizabeth Warren I claimed Native American status while earning $300,000-$500,000 via IVY college and government consultation jobs.   Don’t believe me call up the net worth of the Democrat Candidates.  Heck Chelsea Clinton gets paid over 9 million dollars per year as a board member and ….

We the people are not that dumb.  We see the game and we know there is not a damn thing we can do about it!  That is why this video is important.

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