News hyperventilating over an 1-3 inches of snow in Idaho in January!

This a bit embarrassing about how a this massive snow storm was going to hit SW Idaho and the news blew it all out of proportion again!  It snowed most of the morning in the Treasure valley and did not even stick to the sidewalks or roads because it got so warm (40 F.+) by 3:00 pm.   The mountains got a lot of snow which is normal and needed for the spring and summer irrigation season.  This is kind of the norms for winter snowfalls in the Treasure valley.

The over the top hype that any sort of weather event makes it very difficult to make plans to prepare.  I’m sure you see the same sort of “Cry Wolf” type of hype in your area be it rain, hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes.  The weather service is naming snow storms,  rather than how we named the winter of 1977 or that cold winter back in 1983.  Heck even the Snowmegeddon of 2016 gives a good idea that we had a tough winter.  I have no problem with informing people of bad weather and to be prepared and careful.  This sort of hyperbolic scare tactics via the media just serves no purpose other than to scare and stress people.  Then again perhaps that is the purpose of those “Headlines/Warnings”.

I have to say I like my little weather station with barometer.  I won’t say it forecasts the weather, but between that station, my arthritis and my nose smelling rain or snow I’m probably making as accurate guess as the local news weatherman up to 48 hours out. Heck I can download the same radar/satellite cloud cover that the weathermen get daily.   Oh I want to give some love to the Old Farmer’s Almanac folks as they have correct about the general weather for this winter across the entire USA.  It’s amazing how 150-200 years of written observations might have some insight about forecasting the weather long term.  You think the “Climate Change” folks would want to look at that data set.

I did prepare for this “storm” in making sure my front porch wood rack was full.  That is about it as there was no forecast of several days of below 20 degree temps. I did not salt my front sidewalks.  The wind is blowing in the 30-40 mph range and that could cause a power outage with downed lines so I’m getting laundry and vacuuming done. I have a fridge and 2 freezers out on the porch or in an non insulated shop so all food that should be cold should stay cold with little input needed from me.  Heck I have been preparing for almost a decade, so a normal snow storm in winter should a non-event.

How many of you have noticed the Weather service, local news weatherman hyping any sort of “Weather” like it is the end times and not like the weather you saw as kids or from parents/grandparents?  The Dust bowl of the 1930’s was brutal and it was not all caused by farmers.  I remember back in the 1980 that the Mt. Ste. Hellen’s volcanic explosion would kill farming in the PNW and all that ash killed the bugs and Eastern Washington had a great wheat harvest.  I wonder how many people benefit from adverce weather in a couple years after the EVENT. I understand the early Freeze was bad.  I understand Midwest rivers flooding was bad.  Is there a good side to the flooding? Is the adding silt from the river banks over flowing a good thing in the long run?  I’m just asking because I don’t know that type of farming.  I know flooding is generally bad in the short term of 1-3 years.  (For every for a small farmer in debt) Is the land coming back and starting to produce?

Sorry this post is getting into the TLDR area.  Start getting your seeds and planning your garden.  Depending on your general frost date,you need to be starting those seed to start those “Cole Crop seeds” indoors in February/March.

I have sharpened my axe but I can’t seem to put a good edge on my hatchet.  I think my sharpen angle is wrong for the hatchet.  I have a ordered a new stone that has a guide to use for creating/maintaining a 15-20 degree angle.  Not perfect but that new stone should help me in making a good edge on both knives and axes.

7 Responses to News hyperventilating over an 1-3 inches of snow in Idaho in January!

  1. denim3225 says:

    How targeted you are about hyperventilating. Personally, I thought it was just me and my getting old and temperamental. You watch this on the news and Al Roker literally will fall to his knees to tell everyone how many millions will be in the bulls eye. In Nebraska here, it’s called”Winter”. Live with it.
    When I do go out to shop, which is very rarely anymore, I am amazed at how stupid young people are. I hate to be blunt, but they are truly stupid. Last baby snowstorm we had, where we had very high winds blow roads shut, everyone in town was shocked as to travelers wearing shorts and tank tops and had no coats of ANY type in the hotels. They wanted the hotels to “buy” clothing for them, i.e., (please take care of me). Unfortunately, we have no stores here anymore except Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had nothing either because of the Holidays.
    Im starting to get my garden list in gear. I’m wanting to get a tabletop LED garden to start seedlings. I want to try one and see. I need to order a seed heat mat, mine took a dump.
    Love your blog and topics. I will get back to blogging soon.

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t watch TV news but one of the local news websites has “hyped” about 3 storms so far this winter and here in the valley we have gotten at most 3 inches and then the snow does not stick on the major streets longer than 1/2 a day.

      Bad weather reports get clicks on the internet and we have had huge influx of people from areas that get no/very little snow that it seems that an inch of 2 of snow for these noobies is the end of the world!
      In a way it is seems condescending to all the people that “survived Snomeggedon 2016/17” can’t handle a couple of inches of snow three years later.

      I wish the weather news would go back to saying “We are expecting 1-3 inches of snow and freezing temperatures. Wear warm cloths, leave early, drive slower and treat this sort of weather not as an EVENT, but just normal things that happen in Idaho in winter.

      I want to pick up a few LED grow lights from Amazon the first part of Febuary. I bought a bunch of those covered starting boxes last year when the boxes went on sale. The lamps are about $25.00 and portable so I can move them around the house.

      I need to set up a couple of test with my outdoor beds to see how well and when the soil warms up this spring. Other than that all I need to do is get in the order of seeds fro Baker Creek around the first week in February.

  2. Margaret Winstone says:

    I agree with you, we are having a snow/wind event where I live, off the coast of British Columbia, on an Island. I also see the media warnings and do pay attention to them but we have about 6 inches of snow, everything is pretty much shut down. I made sure I had enough wood in just like you did, I have enough food, freezer is outside, generator is always ready to go, it is –6 this morning. All normal for this time of year. It is snowing, lightly, no wind has appeared yet. Margaret

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    • Jamie says:

      Margret: t sounds like you have a good plan for dealing with mama nature’s little challenges. I really like my 4 foot wood rack on my enclosed porch. I can fill it with a couple garden wagon loads of wood. Or via a kiddee toboggan/sled if snow gets a bit deeper.

      I lived in Olympia Wash. and saw a few of those 70+ MPH/ 110 KPH winds from those Pacific wind storms and they are challenging if you are not used to them.

      Mom’s house got more of the 45-50 MPH winds and since she insulated the house her Attic access door moved when she opened up the front door to get wood off her porch. I have not noticed many weather reports that warn about that sort of thing happening.

      Ome of my neighbors has a plow on on his pick up truck and as far as I can see that truck/plow has not cleared any street around my neighborhood. It seems the better you prepare the less you have to worry about!

  3. denim3225 says:

    Jamie, I’ve also been looking at planters specifically set up for tomatoes. They have a water reservoir to keep roots from soaking but maintaining moisture. They are around $100. I still do ghetto buckets, but last year, our season sucked. Wet, very cold. I had greenhouse plastic up until July 4th. Nothing really did well. Then hit.
    I will try to start blogging more. Have had a major health bump and am trying to plan/deal with this change and maintain my life.
    Keep us posted on your garden progress.

    • denim3225 says:

      Meant hot. 😜

      • Jamie says:

        Midwest spring/summer weather was darn crazy weather.

        Mom and I were talking about this winter and it has been mild, but with the early frost and snow in early October it feels like a very long winter to both of us.

        I’m not sure about the cost of a self watering planter that costs $100.00 when you can buy a rain/water barrel for much less money.
        Perhaps you could make a wood tray for your Ghetto buckets lined with construction grade plastic 4-6 mil thick. Water will try to reach an equilibrium. So osmosis might water those potted plants if gravity overcome or used to help water plants.

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