It looks like the Wu Flu is coming to the USA

There are several thousand people under observation/self quarantine here in the USA, 5400 in California and Spokane Washington now have 5 people in the hospital that are positive for the Corona virus.  The Diamond Princess Cruise ship released most of the passengers from a 14 day Quarantine and told them ” find your way home” via public transportation!  I think this virus will spread world wide now as “Preventing panic/keeping the import/export markets running is more important to the globalists than people’s lives.

I don’t recommend panic buying or maxing out your credit cards.  Getting masks and or filters are hit and miss right now but you can get some occasionally by checking several stores.  I recommend not buying any masks after Feb. 29th as most masks come from China and the Corona virus can live on surfaces around 9 days.  If you buy the  masks now they were probably in-route via the supply chain.  Hopefully you you have stored masks, gloves already and you can let any newly bought masks sit for a week or two before you need to use them.

On the N95 masks usage.  Follow the instructions on fitting the mask and remember the mask has a (filtration limit) for use and days used.  8 hours of use, that means you breathing into the mask regardless if you meet a sick person.  Five days of using the mask for protection even for short a amount of time and not exposed to to any flu.

Gloves: Wear 2 sets of gloves and use washing or hand sanitizer between changing out gloves, masks, goggles or clothing.   If in you are in doubt always use a bit of hand sanitizer and change gloves before you remove or change protective gear.  It is a pain in the ass, but it is  you and your families health on the line.

Super easy sanitation for all to use!  About table spoon of bleach in a 20-32 oz. spray bottle sprayed on all hard surfaces will sanitize that surface from bacteria/viruses and you don’t wipe that spray but let it dry naturally.  Now for cleaning fresh veggies you will want to use lemon juice or vinegar about a 1/2 mixture water to the juice and let the veggies soak for about 5 minutes then rinse with cool water.

This Corona Virus is scary because we are not getting any good information from the authorities.  I have very little trust in the US government to tell the truth.  But the government telling the truth is irrelevant to me because I have already taken steps to protect myself to the best of my ability.

Stay calm, and keep working on your preps.  I’ve heard many people think a 100 mile infection zone is when the will pull kids out of school and bunker up.  Personally I have no idea why people would send their children to a public school.

I apologize being late to post. I’m building my new PC  and the build has  been problematic.  I have saved almost all of my data but windows 10 and windows 7 doesn’t seem to work well together with hard drives and files.  I loved Windows XP and I will say Windows 7 did a great job of transferring files from XP to Windows 7.  Windows 10 sucks at transferring files between hard drives on this new PC.




2 Responses to It looks like the Wu Flu is coming to the USA

  1. Denimflyz says:

    The powers that be had welcomed contaminated people to Omaha medical center. My whole State have been blowing up our Senators phones and are very angry. It’s show we don’t matter.
    I don’t believe one thing our Guv-ment says. Not one word. My veterinarians know more that regular doctors and am following their protocols. Bleach, and not mingling in the population. I have preps but I need some things to fill in the gaps.
    I guess all we can do is pray and plan and batten down the hatches.

  2. Jamie says:

    Denim: Dang, I’m praying for you. Corona virus is creeping close to Idaho as 5 are in Isolation in Spokane Washington.

    Lysol has a good anti-viral/bacterial in spray bottles and in concentrated refill jugs. Lysol multi-surface cleaner in lemon scent or “clean and fresh scent. Both are good cleaners. Family Dollar and Albertson’s often sell the spray bottles around $1.50.

    In my area Family dollar is selling 6% bleach for $1.75 per half gallon. I’m finding a few masks locally at the hardware/bigbox stores but it is hit/miss and hope you get lucky.

    I stocked up on masks and Tyvek suits and other protective gear for the possible ebola illness. Over all I don’t need to buy anything but topping off a few supplies for a 2-4 week quarantine.

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