I think I got what I need on hand

If you are in a panic and have few preps on hand it can be daunting to try and prep for the Wu Flu/corona virus.  Take a moment and look at what you will need if you have to quarantine.  Separate what would be nice to have and you have to have.

You need food and I bet you already buy food. So buy more food that can be stretch for a month.  Pasta, sauces add meat to your freezer.  Eggs are a great source of protein. Add cheeses and spices/herbs.  Most likely the power and water will keep flowing so buying dehydrated food or MRE’s is not required to stock up for a 2-4 week quarantine.  Buy the foods you like just try and buy enough for an extra week or two.

If you can’t find masks to buy, forget about buying them for now!  How many people in the USA do you see wearing masks daily?  Wear a scarf and keep your distance.  Get gloves and extra hand sanitizer. Wear glasses of some sort to protect your eyes from sneezes and coughs.  You are looking to limit your contact with groups of people.  So you don’t need a lot of masks. You need to be able to stay at home and avoid people.

Start thinking how you could stay at home via self-quarantine? Do the kids go to public school or could you set up an online course/school for the kids? Can you work from home and tel-commute?  Have you asked your supervisor about that as a possibility and what is needed to make it possible?  Never hurts to ask if your job does not require your physical presence.

I would love to tell people that everything will be fine and nothing will change in the USA.  I don’t think that is true. I think the economy will go lower and many people will be laid off for awhile because of lack of materials out of Asia.  I think four weeks of food should be good for any Quarantine, but paying the bills a month ahead or even the current month with out a paycheck will be tough for many people.

  1. Pay to have food, water and electricity first!
  2. Pay rent/mortgage as the second priority.  Talk with your bank or landlord and see if they will accept a partial payment or skip a month before the rent/payment is due.  Often your landlord also is trying to make payments on loans.  If you give him/her a heads up about a payment issue they will try and work with you.
  3. Keep your bank account stocked up and pay bills via online banking.  I’m a big believer in paying with cash locally but having the option of paying bills online will limit your contact with the public.
  4. Once you have your basics live cheap!  No delivery pizza or uber eats.  Live off your stockpiled food and stay at home.

Just a few ideas to get your “noggin joggin” on how to keep you and your family safe.  I’ll be starting my garden plants indoors.  A little garden of fresh lettuce, radishes, onions, and herbs will give you not only food but something to do when you get bored.

2 Responses to I think I got what I need on hand

  1. LeeAnn Wicker says:

    Very good post. Self isolation is okay for those who are retired, but for those who have jobs its going to be difficult. If the area you live in is quarantined, then you’ll be at home whether or not you want to or planned to be. Better stock up for a quarantine and hope and pray it never happens than to have it happen when you’ve not prepared.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn: You are correct. I worked many jobs that if I didn’t show up I did not get paid, so I feel for people in that situation. I just don’t have a good solution.

      Hopefully this virus won’t be bad here in the 1st world nations, but Northern Italy’s outbreak concerns me a lot on how this virus is spreading.

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