Oh the Irony!!!

I have been pleased with my foresight on getting prepared and topping off with a few additional items specific to the Corona virus.  I added some more gloves, N95 masks, a P100 mask with extra filters. More vitamins, minerals along with extra fresh garlic and turmeric to add to my cooking spices.  Extra pet supplies for litter box and food for the dog and kitties.

I have been watching the news both mainstream and alternative news sites.  Most people still follow the main stream media during a “crisis”.  I can guess how most people will react in the early days of a crisis becoming mainstream.  We see this now with some items getting hoarded and resold to make a quick buck!

I am so brilliant (lol) that I go out with Mom and my aunt to celebrate Mom’s birthday.  Heck this is Idaho and so far no known cases within 300+ miles so it should be safe, RIGHT?

So we are just finishing up a lovely meal at a local buffet with everything from sushi to Mongolian BBQ and some great Chinese food and I kid you not, a tour bus load of Asian people come into the restaurant. The people looked more like business people rather than tourists college students but it was a bit of a surprise.  My Aunt’s eyes got a bit wide because I had mentioned the Corona virus and the USA government’s response to the virus was less than optimal in my opinion.

I don’t think there will be a problem as there were no masks and all those folks looked happy and healthy and were in the 20’s to 40 years old range.  It does show how quickly things can change and all the preparations in the world can’t account for random events.

FYI update on masks: There is a massive shortage in the USA of masks and people are asking for ways to prolong the effectiveness of theN95 masks they have on hand.  Chris Martensen of Peak Prosperity. com who is a microbiologist by schooling as well as a money/investment guru recommends rotating masks every 9 days. (The time that Corona virus lives on surfaces)

The N95 masks are good for about 8 hours of continuous wear. So wear the the mask when around groups people and then set it aside for 9 days and let any virus go away.  You might add UV light or an anti-viral surface spray like Lysol to give the mask a spritz to get rid of any viral contaminants and let the mask sit for a few days.


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