More yard work getting done

The front yard lawn and flower beds got the first application of weed and Spring feed and I’m almost back on schedule for those applications of lawn food. It might be psychological or the plants really needed a good soaking of water, it seems the grass and flowers are looking a little greener today!

I have been holding off mowing the back yard lawn are to give the grass seed plenty of time to germinate. This time when I spread the grass seed I scratched rows in the dirt with a sharply tined rake, then added layer of steer manure compost.  That layer of compost “spread via shovel” seem to have help getting the grass seeds growing and is greening up the clumps of grass I managed to get started in the lawn bed.   The taller clumps of grass in the backyard area got cut down little using the weed wacker.  I’m going to mow with the mower on the tallest setting to see how well all of the grass seed is starting to fill in the lawn grass bed.  It’s hard for me to see how well the new grass seed is filling when grass height varies so much from very tall to very short.  I’m going to keep adding the compost because it is greening up the existing grass and helping to make that lawn more level by filling in some low spots.

I know I’m doing things a little backwards as Fall is the best time to seed grass but with last years early snow and frost getting the seeds growing did not work out.  It is possible some of the new grass coming up is some of the seeds I tried to plant last fall.  If that is correct perhaps with the extra compost water and another seeding this Fall the little backyard lawn will be ready for prime time Spring 2021!

I made some more pain cream/salve today. This cream really helps ease general aches and is outstanding helping to ease the muscle cramps I experience with my CIDP.   I have started using the pain cream to help with drying skin on my hands from all the hand washing and it seems to better for me than the essential oil skin cream.  I seem to get a bonus of healing dry skin when I use the pain cream to stop my crazy hand cramps.

Essential oils seem to be a little bit random in effectiveness from person to person and recipes often need to be tweaked to find the right combination for each person.  I can say that the pain cream works fantastic for easing my muscle cramps and dry skin.  Yet the pain cream does not seem to help my Mom though her Fybro and my CIDP have some similar symptoms. Using Essential oils won’t work for everyone but for people like me it can seem like a miracle drug .

Doing a little shopping with Mom to get her one of those weed/bush wacker on wheels to start reclaiming that field of weeds on her property.  Mom does not want to use her riding mower to mow the weeds in the field until she knows any hidden garbage is exposed and cleaned up.  We have tried using regular weed eaters and got about 1/4 of the field of weeds knock down for a short time.  Mom has a couple of Rain bird sprinklers and is buying a water pump to start adding water to grow some good ground cover plants that will hopefully out compete the weeds and augment the soil.  It will take years to knock out the weeds and find good cover crops to improve the soil.  The first step is to knock down the weeds and keep them knock down while you plant something that thrives with just a little more water and a little better soil.

Mom bought one of the small Mantis tillers  and I’m very excited to see how that tool works digging in and working her garden beds.  I like my little electric tiller but the Mantis tillers have so many different attachments for de-thatching lawns and aerating soil I’m interested to see if the tiller lives up to the hype.

I have more tomato plants sprouting in the new seed starter bed that is indoors.  I bought a few starter plants for low cost at Fred Meyers, the Tomitillo plants are growing like crazy and is over 12 inches tall.  The other plants are healthy but none have put on growth like the Tomitilloes.  I will start planting the better growing plants and do some direct sowing in the raised beds.  The weather looks frost free for the next 7-10 days and that gets us into May for frost free gardening.

All I have to do is figure out anti-cat/dog/squirrel fences!


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