I saw Toilet Paper in Fred Meyer today and rain in the valley!

There was some Quilted Northern TP in Fred Meyers today.  About 10- 20 of box cases of the 4 packs but it is the first time in a few weeks I saw toilet paper on the shelves.  The facial tissue area was better stocked and there was even an “end cap” full of the facial tissue boxes.  Perhaps the run on Tissue paper is starting to slow down or at least people have enough TP already on hand they no longer feel the need to buy/store more Tissue paper at home.  Bottled water shelves also seem to be returning to pre-Wuflu levels and that is all to the good!  People need to return to buying stuff they need, rather than following the “herd” and buying items based on panic and fear.    I’m seeing food prices start to go up and it will probably get worse over the summer. It is a double whammy to people out of work that right at the time they have very little money on hand the food and products they need to live are in the store but have start going up in price. Me telling some one they can save money baking bread at home does not help if they can’t buy yeast because all the stores are sold out of yeast.  I don’t have a sourdough starter to share but I was able to give Mom a small 4 oz jar of some yeast I have stored in the freezer.  Baking bread takes a little bit of practice and add in trying to make a sourdough starter for a new baker really increases the learning curve.

I am seeing more people wearing masks, scarf and bandannas here in SW Idaho.  I’m guessing about 40-50% range.  Not everyone but it is much better than I saw on a shopping trip a couple of weeks ago!  Wearing a mask is irritating to me even though I advocate it being the easy/simplest method to help stop the spread of the virus.  I now have a weird feeling of something coating my face and when I get home I have to wash my face along with my hands.  I’m packing my own groceries in the new reusable plastic coated bags I sanitize before I shop and again before the bags get loaded in the mini-van.  I understand stores not trusting customer’s reusable bags.  I don’t trust store’s plastic bags because those bags are probably made in China.  For now I can use a Lysol type spray, but I may have to move to a diluted bleach spray bottle to disinfect my bags before the come into the house.  Yep, I’m being a little OCD but I’d rather get a small dose of any virus and give my body more time to build a good immuno-response to this virus rather than deal with a huge viral load.  I shop at stores where I have a good relationship with the cashiers, butchers and deli and I don’t want them to get sick and hopefully me wearing a mask will reduce their stress level about catching the virus.

Some of the starting plants are growing and I had to take off the cover as the plants are getting to tall.  The starter plants are still a bit too delicate to transplant but the stuff that is growing is growing great. The tomitillos I bought are growing like crazy and I still need to add fences around my garden beds to try and stop the cats doing the cat things to my garden beds.  Mom is now fully cleared to lift more than 15 pounds from her surgery recovery limitation.  She is ready to do some raised beds and I suggested she get the local big box store cut the lumber to size for her raised beds.  I prefer raised beds to be 3 foot or under in width but Mom want’s to go with 4 feet of width.  It should not make that much difference if you can reach all of the bed from both sides. Speaking only for myself I think a raised bed garden should be 3 foot or less wide.

I don’t know if you feel it but I feel planting a home garden of any sort is critical this year. My long term food storage is pretty good but having those fresh herbs, greens and crops that add not only calories, vitamins and variety of vegetables/herbs can’t buy in stores for any price. Buy the things the USA can not grow such as coffee, chocolate and the things you want to have for yourself.



5 Responses to I saw Toilet Paper in Fred Meyer today and rain in the valley!

  1. LeeAnn Wicker says:

    A fence will not stop a cat unless you build a fence with a top on it. The only way I found to stop my hoarder neighbors 40 cats was to lay chicken wire on the ground. When the 40 cats roamed the neighborhood the rabbits disappeared but after they were removed the rabbits population has exploded so I’ll be fencing to keep out the #@!% rabbits.

  2. Patti says:

    Champagne yeast is readily available on eBay for a good price. One of the prepper sites (Backdoor Survival, maybe) had an article about using alternative yeasts and apparently the champagne yeast works great, gives a bit of a sourdough flavor.
    Take care!

    • Jamie says:

      Patti I’m good on baking yeast. Filling Mom’s jar of yeast did not affect my total baking yeast all that much.

      Champagne yeast is great for making mead a Honey based alcoholic beverage, but mead needs 6-12 months to make a good end product. I would think the champagne yeast would be a good choice for anyone wanting to ferment any fruits as the yeast is forgiving about fermenting temperatures.

  3. Phil says:

    I would be interested in hearing what the meat selection is doing over in your neck of the woods.
    Even the butcher shops over here in Vancouver have mostly empty display cases.

    • Jamie says:

      Phil: I’d say we are doing very good over all. Meat that is on sale goes quick, for example 99 cent chicken, $2.00 a pound hamburger or $3.00 a pound steaks. Higher cost meats ($5.00) + per pound seem to stay in stock longer or are not bought up so fast. The stores can run out of meat but usually they will have a shipment coming about every 2-3 days to restock.

      No rain checks on advertised sale items anymore.

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