I think the Rioters tried to setoff a riot in Boise

Idaho is a Constitutional carry state so you can openly carry or conceal carry a firearm without a “Certificate of Mother may I” from the state.  Boise had a small protest that went on after BLM bailed and one fire arm discharge that is being treated as a sort of “accident” in Boise.  Up north people came out strapped in Ceour ‘D Lane Idaho for some protesters and everyone stayed polite and there were no reports of looting or fires.  I was looking at the USA map and Idaho has not had much in the ways of rioting, looting and other mayhem. A couple of small protests and a battery powered candle light vigil for George Lloyd.  I myself was outraged by the death of George Lloyd because of what I see is “Police Brutality” and lawless cops. We have seen it in Idaho from cops doing no-knock warrants, to shooting dogs to shooting people with very little cause as I see it.  I used to support cops and was totally supportive of following the law. Not any more! If you are a cop and are afraid of getting bit by a dog pick a new line of work.  I will no longer give you cops the benefit of doubt because you have proven you don’t deserve it.

I know it is not all cops are bad, but enough are bad and are protect by their peer, unions and the city, counties and states that don’t fire the bad cops, You “GOOD” cops don’t get a pass any more. It was not just one bad cop sitting on that neck for 8+ minutes there were 4-5 other cops that let him commit that brutality. Don’t come at me that being a cop is stressful!  Lots of jobs are stressful and you can do the job or not and you don’t get a pass for doing a stressful job.

Enough on covering the rioters. I started cleaning up the Iris plants and the front yard beds a OMG it was a workout.  I have cut most of the Iris leaves around 3-6 inches and started cleaning out all the old plant material along with some weeds.  From what I have read after the flower stops blooming it is safe to cut the green leaf parts of the Iris between 3-6 inches and then dig up the root/rhizome for replanting.  If the root/rhizome is mushy it probably is not going to grow. Have a spot for those new Irises from the old beds or share the Iris Rhizomes with your neighbors.  Clean up the root with a sharp knife and wrap in newspaper/craft paper. I have several purple/ lavender and purple/ gold mix Irises.  But the real beauty is a pristine white iris that I have no idea how it propagated.  Serendipity is a wonderful thing!

I got the tree cut down so a lot more sunlight is hitting the front yard lawn. I treated the lawn for some nasty bugs and I added some lawn “Food”/nutrients and the grass is growing like crazy. It looks like some of the weeds are getting choked via the new grass growth but it is still early days. I really want to create a gazebo seating area with a small fire pit but that will take a bit of study and money to make that happen.  For now I will just clean up the area and work on getting it some what level for future projects.

2 Responses to I think the Rioters tried to setoff a riot in Boise

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Over the last several years police officers have been under extreme pressure because they are targets. Ambushed while sitting in their squad cars and various other nasty attacks. Every move they make is under scrutiny. Sometimes there are bad cops and good cops who make bad decisions, but I am going to continue to support the good ones and give them the benefit of doubt.

    The knee on the neck was a horrid decision which is going to cost the officer most of the rest of his life in prison. That is as it should be.

    I have a nephew in law enforcement and some of the stuff they have to put up with is quite unbelievable and still they continue to serve.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn: In general I agree with you but we need to start forcing out the bad cops by getting rid of “qualified immunity” If a cop breaks the law then they will be prosecuted.

      I think having police get bonded/insured similar to Locksmiths would be something to explore. That way tax payers don’t have to payout when a cop is sued for misconduct. I could see providing good cops with some assistance to get bonded as a way to encourage more good cops to stay on the job.

      Last but not least we need to stop all the over the top tacticool geared up cops and make the good ole walk the “beat” street cop one of the better paid rather than the lowest paid.

      Get back to tan or lighter blue uniforms and away from stupid ass Camo/Black uniforms. Same thing for the cop cars/SUVs. It past time to stop trying intimidation and fear all the time and go for a cop that looks approachable/helpful. Have cops walk or bike more rather than drive sinister black SUVS. Leave the Tacticool gear in the vehicles or add more neighborhood /block substations.

      I can understand cops seeing everyone as the enemy/civilians but the people are CITIZENS and the people that pay all the cops and the ones the cops need to cultivate rather than looked down upon.

      Raised the standards required to be a cop. QUALITY is the only focus! Not diversity, numbers or quotas. Cops are given the ability to commit violence up to killing a citizen to enforce the law. The Ability of the person to perform that sort of act MUST be the very best person for the job!

      I mean very high standards for the people that rank high in understanding the law, psychologically trained and by temperament to remain calm and de-escalate a situation but can ramp up and stop violence if required. That kind of person is rare but 1 or 2 good cops are much more effective than 10-20 mediocre cops.

      Last but not least stop using cops as armed money collectors of handing out fines/confiscation to augment government budgets. All Fines and judgement must go for maintaining jails, cops equipment, public defenders and the basics of the Judicial system and never become part of any government “General” revenue stream.

      Just a few ideas, I think might help start changing the mindset from USvs.THEM to a we all want justice and cops and most people are on the same side of living our lives with some protection and maximum freedom withing the law.

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