I’m still here!

It’s been busy here at Casa de Chaos the last couple of months. I’m getting on top of the Covid funk but My Tucker dog had some health issues and Saturday the 3rd of October he was put to sleep. I was with Tucker all the way to the end and I think I did much better compared to just leaving Brodie alone with the Vet. to do the job because I was a bit of a coward. It was peaceful and Tucker got out of pain quickly as I did not hold out or try and keep him alive for my sake.

My neighbors have been fostering a dog and pups and we are going to try out the Momma dog this weekend. So far the dog is good with cats, stays within the 4 foot high fence and she looks like a good fit as patrolling/guarding type dog. She won’t replace Tucker or Brodie but I think she will make a great new doggo here at Casa de Chaos.

The new doggo is a mix breed and looks like Kees hound and Kelpie mix, perhaps some Shepard and is 2-3 years old . I have watched and interacted with the dog as my neighbor fostered her and her puppies. We will start a 2 week trial period this weekend after she is spayed the 6th of October. I can’t replace Tucker with a another dog but she will be her own doggo for me if everything works out, and I’m feeling positive she will be a good fit.

God may close a door, then another opens and feels like serendipity that this doggo is available and has so much potential not only for me but she could have play dates with her two of her pups that my neighbors are adopting.

The dead cherry tree is down! I’m getting a little better using the pole saw, but Mom backed me up and held the rope we used to drop the tree. I’m still cutting up the limbs and trunk of the tree but everything is on the ground and the tree just needs cut into fireplace/ BBQ smoker box lengths. I bought a small fire pit (33-35 inches in diameter) from True Value and the 22 inch Weber grill fit perfectly for wood fire grilling for this little fire pit.

I touched up the weed control using 30% vinegar around the house. Overall the 30% vinegar does a great job but you need to follow up on any growth of new weeds. It seems to me that spraying the 30% vinegar works best in full sunlight and over 80 degrees F. for temp.

As far as Covid goes I’m reducing my standards on masking up and being fearful. I like using the face shields rather than masks. I interact with my neighbors without masks and I wear a mask shield when shopping because the stores require it but even the stores are getting a bit lax about enforcing mandatory masks in Idaho.

You should make a risk assessment for yourself and family. I wear a face shield. Perhaps you prefer a mask or both. If you are terrified of the Covid STAY HOME. If you are wearing a mask and/or a face shield you are mostly well protected. Why would any of the people be terrified of Covid ? I won’t trust other people to protect them. I wear a face shield because I don’t trust other people and I’m in a high risk group.

I’m a big history buff and this is the first time in Modern History Government Quarantined Healthy people rather than sick people.

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  1. Sbrgirl says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Tucker, but glad to hear another pup may be in your immediate future. Although nothing can replace a good boy, our hearts always seem to have room for another pup. Agreed about the quarantine of healthy people being a strange notion:-(

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