Happy birthday to me and puttering around.

The dog test period did not work out with the new dog. Over all she was a great dog but I could not keep her in the fenced yard. While it is disappointing the dog didn’t work out I made some some quick improvements to the fence for a new dog that hopefully can’t/won’t just jump the fence. I have a basic 4 foot tall chain link fence but I added some 6 foot tall cedar fence boards to a gate and though it was a quick and dirty job. I like the look of the wood fence. I could use the existing chain link fence posts attach 2x4s with brackets to the post then add in the 6 foot tall cedar fence boards around some of the backyard fence make the yard area look more natural and less industrial/practical.

I finished up the “garden cart” by adding screws to the cedar wood sides. Those screws made the cart much more rigid. While I don’t have the wheels attached yet I moved the cart to a sunny spot on the patio and filled it about 2/3 full of of a mix of garden soil and compost. I used some landscape fabric to hold the soil in the cart so the soil does fall through the drainage holes. Te cart is not what I would call great “carpentry”, the basic build seems solid at holding in the about 2 cubic feet of dirt. I used gloss enamel paint on the 2x4s and plywood base to prevent water damage.

I’d like to add some 18-24 inch wood or metal cart wheels along with a small attached work table for holding seeds, pots, garden tools or starting plants. I could add a glass window and make a small cold frame or mini green house to the cart. The cart only needs about a half sheet of ply wood, Two 8 foot lengths of 2x4s and some cedar fence planks either 3.25-5.25 inches wide and/or nail screws. I did not sand or paint the cedar sides as cedar is naturally rot resistant. So far this box seems to be cat resistant to a cat digging this garden bed and leaving “deposits” digging/ laying/sleeping on your plants.

I am using ground level garden beds but after filling the “garden cart” 2/3 full of soil without having to bend over or squat. I can see this garden bed will become my favorite for a least a small kitchen or herb garden because it is so easy to work. It would be easy to change the height to make this bed a little more wheel chair accessible or easy for anyone with limited mobility to grow a garden. This is a small enough garden bed that an apartment dweller could add this small garden box next to a BBQ grill.

That is all fine and good but what did you do on your birthday? I started cleaning up my shop. My shop has become a bit of a catch all for stuff. Getting the “garden cart project out the shop helped out a lot. I have a soil temp gauge that will be handy for planting in the cart.

Mom and my aunt will get some Chinese take out and celebrate my birthday. What would I want for a gift? A basic table saw. The basic battery pin small battery powered nailer has been my best purchase for a tool.

This birthday has been a mix of some good, some bad and a lot of making the best of what is handed to you in life.

4 Responses to Happy birthday to me and puttering around.

  1. denim3225 says:

    Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday (13). Enjoy your great accomplishments. I’m sorry the dog didn’t work. It’s bad when they want to jump a fence. Where I’m at, that’s dangerous as either it would get hit by a car or shot. We don’t have nice neighbors here.

    • Jamie says:

      Denim thanks for the B-day wishes and the same back at you. I live by a busy street but Luckily I don’t think anyone would shoot the dog.

  2. frater jason says:

    Happy BD!

    I once had a tiny rescue puppy that would climb the chainlink fence hand-over-hand like a commando. Impossible to keep in .

    • Jamie says:

      Jason;The doggo is staying inside of my neighbor’s 4 foot chain link fence. Great news is the dog didn’t learn to jump the fence. I think the doggo learned to wiggle through small ground level openings to escape rather than jumping a fence. I’m improving the fence gates this fall for any future Doggo!

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