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I had a great birthday with my Mom and Aunt. We had Chinese take out and got to chat for several hours rather than someone having to get back home to get chores done. Ironically I gave out some gifts of a couple of light weight jackets that I bought this last spring that fit my Aunt and Mom. Plus I gave my Aunt a light weight Face shield so she won’t have to wear a mask while shopping.

At this point it seems confirmed that the mask “mandate” is nothing more than political theater to make the politicians “Look/seem” like the are doing something. I have an auto-immune disease and getting a flu vaccine is contra-indicated for me. I was one of the first persons I know to mask (N-95) up in late March because I did not know how bad Covid-19 could be. Now I don’t wear a mask around my neighbors outdoors, nor do my neighbors wear a mask around me. I’m always at risk during “FLU” season because my doctors say the vaccine is a greater risk to me than getting the yearly flu.

I have not had the flu since I stopped getting the flu vaccine, but I don’t work a job since becoming 100% disabled and I’m not around kids so I’m not exposed daily to a lot of people that might have colds/flu.

I’m against shaming people if they wear a mask or don’t wear a mask is their choice. If you are afraid of catching the covid-19 wear a mask/face shield or stay home. Your an adult and you can make your own risk assessment for you and your family. Don’t get pissy if someone else disagrees with your risk-assessment. You will (probably) be safe staying home, wearing a mask for at least a while. But the Covid-19 flu is out there and it is not going away anytime soon.

I topped off my porch wood rack with some of last year’s Doug fir. I started a fire in the wood stove but I was testing the cherry wood and some of the “cheap” wood that I got last summer that needed time to dry and had a mix of some creosote soaked wood along with some hard wood. I got rid of the creosote wood and split some the hardwood that might be white maple?

The cherry wood tree has been dead for at least 2 years so it burned great and made lots of long lasting coals. I’ve never burned White fir before in my wood stove so I’m not sure how well it will heat but White fir is supposed to have a higher BTU rating per cord compared to Poplar. I don’t hate poplar for firewood. If you want a hot fast fire poplar is great! I get to experiment with woods for the wood stove. Fruit woods are the most available hardwood in my area but most of the firewood most people can cut will be a pine or fir in Idaho.

I cleaned out the big freezer and found some stuff that dated back to 2015. I did a very bad job on rotation for the freezer foods. The next shopping trip will be a lot of meat and veggies but I’m going to add a new vacuum sealer. My big vacuum sealer works great for canning jars but not so great for sealing plastic bags. I’m also adding Blocks of ice to take up room + make the freezer more efficient.

I have double wrapped meats but vacuum sealing is better against “freezer burn” in the long run. I did lose some meat and veggies but that was my fault for not rotate/use the food in my freezer.

My solution is adding some blocks of ice to elevate the foods in the freezer. I should be eating/rotating and the blocks of ice will help preserve the foods if the power goes out. I know some folks in hurricane country use construction grade bags for freezers just in case the power goes out the can throw out any melted/thawed product before it rots and smells up a fridge/freezer.

Throwing away what was good food makes me a bit of an idiot. But I’m correcting that problem and making myself more resilient. Being a prepper does not mean you don’t make mistakes. You just fix the mistakes you made and do better. I’m not counting on an Government back up to save me. I must save myself. The banks, corporations/ Stock market types get plenty of government funding. When the shit hits the fan the government tax property owners because they can’t just sell off and leave.

I think property taxes are vile. I think a sales tax would be better for supporting schools than a property tax. I also think most schools are terrible at educating children. So I always vote against any bonds or levys to support public schools.

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