Cleaning up the junk room and draining some water barrels

I have a small home though at 1200 square feet it is large enough for me. I have had a a few relatives move in and out and there seems to be leftover stuff after they leave. I also have “stuff” I put in the bedroom that I don’t need daily but I want to have handy. Though some stuff has not been in the last few months. I have some cheap wood flooring I’d like to install this winter. To get the flooring I had to clean the closet and to get to the closet I had to clean out some of the junk stored in the bedroom.

Good news on draining the 15 gallon water safe barrels. The water tasted a bit flat, but I had no problem with algae, mold or the water tasting bad. These barrels were stored in a semi- sunny room and indoor temps of 80 degrees F. down to 60 degrees F. depending on the season.

I have great confidence in my back up water supply stored in a cool, dark area and I used city chlorinated water in my water barrel storage. If you use a well to fill your water barrels you might have to add some sort of water additive or boil/sanitize any water you use from your water barrels. I don’t think you need to change out the water in your barrels every 6 months or even after a couple years if you know how to store and use water safely. If you are not sure about your water supply boil the water for at least 10 minutes or keep the water at 170 degrees F. for at least 30 minutes.

You might disagree with me about water storage and you can change out your water supply every 6 months. What you feel comfortable with for your supplies is your thing. What is important is you have confidence in your preps. Testing your preps is important. I have full confidence in my water supply and can afford to dump some of my water preps in order to clean up the “junk/catch all room. Trust me, I still have several 55 gallon water barrels in a dark, more temp. controlled space.

One reason for cleaning out the closet is to get out some wood floating floor to practice laying out/ covering some old floor linoleum installed not well for the house. I have learned a lot and I have most of the tools required to the job so now I have to lay the work out and do the job. This practice for me.

This to shall pass. Don’t get crazy, just keep working what you are doing on your preps. If anyone wants to play Fortnite and get Wolverine. I’m HudsonCallisto on Fortnite. I’ll be happy to help you get your challenges done in any way. I’m level level 140 and I can’t find Wolverine to kill him before he regenerates. It might seem a bit silly for a 54 year old woman to like the free video games but here I am.

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