I don’t like Idaho’s current governor as he has locked down Idaho again. I’m not sure a Democrat governor would do anything different than our current Governor. I did not vote for the guy I wanted Raul Labrador, but life is what it is.

I had a great day doing a little shopping via the internet and hitting a few stores just to see how well shelves are stocked. Family Dollar shelves were decimated on tissue paper and cleaning supplies. It looked liked the store had stock on hand but people just cleaned out the shelves so fast the stockers could not keep up. I got the lysol toilet cleaner I like, 9 lives wet catfood and a mop bucket I have needed for awhile.

I don’t think any one should freak out and grab everything off the shelve just in case they “might” need it in the future. Just be aware this “hoarding” behavior is starting at low cost stores and might spread to other stores.

I don’t think of this as true “hoarding” behavior as most people are scared and as they see shelves empty, they get a little crazed about missing out on some product. While I like the the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. Ajax, Comet and other cleaners are available at low cost.

It looks like the second wave of covid is hitting the USA fallowing the pattern of all new flus/colds. The best protection against any flu/cold is a healthy immune system! If you have a compromised immune system, like myself. Protect yourself and limit contact if you get ill. Healthy people should not have to change their life to make others feel safe. If masks and shutting down the economy worked we would not have this second wave! This virus is following the same path of every other virus that hits humanity. Government mandated shut downs have not stop the the second wave.

I have great faith in the American people and the won’t go to any parties, Thanksgiving family meal if they are sick. Yes some people can spread the covid but at this point almost everyone must get the covid and move on with their lives. The government has no idea how it spreads and contact tracing is a joke at this point of time.

If the Government wanted to stop covid the time was back in February and a hard travel lock down throughout the country. We did not do that so covid is in all the population and no lock down or curfew will stop covid spreading in the USA. Thankfully 99% of the people that get covid survive.

American people are not that dense that they will infect their own family if they feel sick. Have Thanksgiving/ Christmas and defy the elite class of big brain thinkers. This not the Black plague, polio or TB outbreak. It’s a new strain of flu and that is all. Also touching your mask to eat or drink water destroys the mask effectiveness.

Remember to tell any government busy body come back with a Warrant. Don’t open your door and don’t be helpful to these people. They are not your friends.

2 Responses to Shopping!

  1. Emily Summer says:

    I agree with you about our wimpy governor. Every sniffle is now diagnosed as Covid 19, as is every death, Of course, getting paid extra by govt for that diagnoses has nothing to do with that, right?

  2. Jamie says:

    Emily: No way our “public servants” would never adjust the data for something so based and evil as money!

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