Day 3 of shopping before Thanksgiving.

I was never going to have a big Thanksgiving dinner regardless of of the beer virus. Last year it was myself my aunt and my mom. Cooking a BBQ turkey for Thanksgiving and Prime rib for Christmas is a couple of special Holiday meals I like cooking for others and myself. I lucked out on finding a small 10 pound turkey at Fred Meyers and only 47 cents per pound if you spend $50.00 plus another 10% discount for Veteran Thursdays. I got a a bunch of great deals.

I picked up four of the decorative LED lanterns for $4.99. I was surprised as the lanterns are about 12 inches tall. I was expecting the lanterns to be about 6 inches tall because of the low price. The lanterns require 3 AAA batteries and only give off a little bit of light but I think they look nice. The lamp colors I got were a couple of bronze and a distressed white and red colored lamps. I wanted to get two of the lamps but they looked so cool I had to add a couple more lamps to my shopping list.

I’m not doing the big Mac & Cheese bake this year. While it is tasty it is so dense and heavy it is almost a meal by itself. I will be doing some sweet potato fries rather than a sweet baked dish and Mom is bringing some corn on the cob. With the Cranberry sauce stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy I think all of the basic side dishes are covered.

For desert I’ll make up a batch of fudge and Mom is bringing the pumpkin pie. That should satisfy every ones sweet tooth. I use the Carnation Kit that has all the ingredients (except butter) to make fudge. It takes about 10 minutes to melt all the ingredients together and then all you do is leave it in the fridge to set up for at least an hour. This is one of those deserts you can make 1-2 days ahead of time and have space for cooking and baking other stuff thanksgiving day!

I have done some shopping at Bi-Mart and overall it has been a good experience except for the clothing sizing. I have bought the same brand the same size and one will be loose fitting or one won’t fit at all being to tight. Bi-mart does have a good return policy with receipt it is easy to return clothes. But the cheap clothing sizes is very hit or miss compared to other clothing from most other stores.

I’m a big fan of layering clothing in the winter. I am one of those warm blooded people that prefers layers I can strip off rather than a big bulky down coat that is the only outdoor gear you wear. I know many people hate cotton for outdoor wear but I like layers of cotton along with wool or Goretx or other waterproof/resistant clothing. I’m not Mountain climbing or trans versing the arctic. I’m working in my yard and can get warm by my wood stove. If you are sweating you are wearing to many cloths and need to remove a layer. That can be difficult if you only have one outer layer to remove. So i have bought a couple of poofy coats and vests that I can layer with my hoodies, sweatshirts and other clothing. Does the coat repel wind and water? Am I warm after being outside working? If it passes that test I’m good with the winter clothing. For the record I did not like the Army’s Goretex system of the early 2000s at all. I did like the poly pro thermals and long sleeved t-shirts. I have bought some Goretex lined gloves that have a fleece interior and they seem very warm, almost like mittens warm.

Find what works best for you! Perhaps dropping a lot of money on special winter gear works good for you. I’m not you nor do I live in your environment. I found a place to buy unlined winter gloves that felt wonderful for summer jobs but I did not want to spend $25.00 for those gloves going into winter. I like finding good leather gloves that have both a goretex and fluff type lining. Those seem to the best type of glove for me.

For all you folks with pets and use sticky traps to catch mice. Goo gone will neutralize the glue of the sticky traps. Washing off the Goo gone makes kitty cats upset. Teg the kitten that stepped in the mouse glue trap seems to have forgiven me for washing off the paw in goo gone then soapy water. Just an FYI how to neutralize a sticky mouse trap if a pet steps on a glue trap.

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