New pet door installed!

SW Idaho has been under an Air Inversion for several days and it has been unpleasant. Cold air gets trapped low to the ground and these inversions tend to be very humid. Humidity makes hot summer weather feel warmer, but it also makes cold weather feel colder. I would prefer being outside in 0 degrees F. at 30% humidity, rather than 25-30 degrees F. at 80% humidity. That high humidity seems to make the cold feel much worse compared to a dry cold.

I got the new pet door installed and only need to bandage up 2 fingers 😉 via my work. I replaced an old plastic framed doggie door with an Metal frame that has a bit of weather stripping between the plastic flap door and metal frame. One thing I noticed with a plastic frame pet door is the door will deform/ deflect to fit your measurement and screw holes, rather than stay rigid to keep the plastic flap of the pet door as air tight as possible. That might not be a problem if you cut into a door but if you install the door through a wall that flexibility installing the pet door created some air gaps for my installation.

My back door entrance area has always been a cooler part of the house. I don’t find as I prefer sleeping at 60-65 degrees F. What was making me crazy was the drafts that chilled me despite of the fact that the room was at least 65-70 degrees F. The doggie door and the badly insulated backdoor entrance was drafty. Heck the pet door flap would not close properly without a visible light gap.

My back bedroom and computer room has jumped about 3 degrees higher in temp. and the draft from the old doggie door has been mitigated. I used Thermal bubble wrap around the frame to make a temporary insulation seal/barrier.

I’m starting to learn how to use my wood stove again to maintain over night heating. Building a good fire and “banking” the coals to last for 6-8 hours has been a challenge for me. I’m in no danger of freezing to death, but I have woke up to 55 degrees F. and I did not like it! Can I deal with 55 degrees F. temps? Sure but if I can learn how to “bank” a fire or pick a chunk or 2 of all night (8 hours) worth of slow burning wood. Why wouldn’t I try to learn that skill? I’m getting better at making a bed of coals and adding a big chunk of firewood before I go to bed so I have some coals to start the fire. My overnight fires are a bit hit or miss. Though most of the house still stays about 60- 65 degrees F. through out the night and into morning.

Last but not least the kindling box is working out great! It is so nice to grab an arm full of kindling for the wood stove and not have to cut kindling in bad weather. Splitting the wood into smaller chunks for that in-between size has worked out better that I expected. Just because you bought cut/split fire wood does not mean you don’t have cut or split that firewood into easy to light fire wood.

Welp! Tthe new pet door has been tested by the kittens and while better than the old pet door. This door does not shut clean without a bit of help. I can fix how well the door shuts in the future but this door is much better than the old plastic door frame and the heavy duty curtains stop most of the minor drafts from the pet door. I’m just happy that most of the drafts are gone. It still feels a bit cooler towards the backdoor entrance but nothing like the draft coming through the old plastic door.

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