Clean up on Home aisle Everywhere!

I started cleanup and organizing both my basement and the front bedroom that has become a catch-all of things that need to stay warm or I want close to hand. A couple of weeks ago I emptied four of the 15 gallon water barrels. I tasted the water and other than being a bit (flat) tasting there seemed to be no problem with storing tap water long term ( four+ years) in a room with windows and kept about 75 degrees F. on average. I would not drink stored unchlorinated well water for that time frame without sanitizing the water again before drinking/cooking. I have to say those food grade blue water barrels do a great job storing water under less than optimal conditions.

I emptied those water barrels because I have several 55 gallon barrels stored in dark and 55-65 degree F conditions and I don’t really need to store water in that bedroom long term. I kept the barrels just incase I get a warning of a water emergency but the space dedicated to the small barrels in a bedroom was not needed compared to the loss of space in the room. This explanation is relevant to me cleaning up the basement area.

Now down in my basement was a bit of an ignored mess. I stocked on stuff and then forgot what I had on hand. I put in shelving then did not use the storage space properly. Then the mice came and clean up seemed overwhelming. Cleanup was not as bad as I thought. There were some mouse dropping Mom and I missed on the first big clean up. I used my big shop vac with a bag to get the mouse remnants. Tossed out some old canned food (I did not buy) and I would never eat. I removed some of the shelving and put food on existing shelve so it would be easier to find when needed. I was able to take three shelves upstairs from the basement by using the existing shelves and storage areas more efficiently. I can look down my basement stairs and I don’t wee a mess or hodge-podge of bins, bags and stuff all stacked at random. It’s not perfect but now I have room to move stuff around and make my preps easier to find and use.

Onto the front bedroom cleanup/organizing. Everything looks okay and yet nothing fits. I don’t know if it was the original builders “tricking the eye or the owners before me, renovating badly. I tried fitting some basic furniture and it is a nogo. I’ll have to clean up the hardwood floors and add in proper molding rather than 2×4 covered in shag carpet.

I piss and moan at times and I know you folks are working hard to make your lives better. I’m a bit sore playing Quasimodo lurching around the basement getting my preps better arraigned.

Update on the little red cart. For me, I avoid doing some work because I had no way to simply stack stuff on a cart and move it away. This cart is awesome for moving in tools or moving out stuff until you have place for that stuff.

I’m shutting down the cat door because it still lets in cold air. Kitties can go out side in the day light! I cleared the bird bath of ice and added a bit of warm water and the birds went all in splashing about the bird bath. While feeding the birds is good they need water, not ice that could cool them down.

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