Snow is on the way so I’m cutting more kindling.

The out door kindling box is working out better than I expected. While cutting kindling can be a little bit tedious, grabbing an armful of kindling to fill up the indoor kindling box is absolutely fantastic! I have been splitting my fire wood into smaller chunks and once that is done I use the hatchet to cut kindling. This method works out well because if I get tired of cutting kindling I can add those in-between size chunks of wood to the front porch wood rack. Those in between sizes of wood let me me build a better fire going from kindling to normal sized split fire wood.

I finally got started on cutting the cherry tree limbs into fire wood size chunks. I was a bit slow to figure out that my Bow saws were perfect for cutting the limbs and much safer than using chain saw which tended to kick the branches out or roll along the chain and get chewed up rather than cut. It was almost therapeutic to cut the wood with a bow saw and let the saw just do the work, with out being so concerned with safety when using a chain saw or even an axe.

I’ve been looking at plans for a simple saw buck and I have enough 2×4’s of four foot lengths I can build one. I’ll need to buy a few long bolts so I can make the a folding saw buck that can be stored out of the way once I get some of the longer bits of wood cut down to fit my stove. I don’t need a super strong or long saw buck as most of the stuff I’m cutting is less than 4 inches in diameter and at most about 24-30 inches long. If I need something longer in the future I can always add an extra X frame to hold the wood.

I’m in really great shape on wood. So far I’m using most of the Doug fir I bought in April 2019 and have not used much of the white or Doug fir delivered July 2020. I want to cut and use the wood I have had for a few years but I could not cut safely into usable chunks for my wood stove. I have at least 1/4 of a cord of dry hard woods I could use for smoking meats in BBQ or for long lasting fires at night. I can’t use because the chunks of wood are to long to fit in my wood stove. I will use all the wood I have on hand., using dried and seasoned wood in the wood stove that will give this years delivered wood more time to dry and season for next year.

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