Testing some Foodsaver stored meats stored in the fridge.

I have been using the small Food saver to vacuum pack meats to replace the freezer burnt meat I threw away a couple of months ago. I’m very pleased with my progress re-filling the freezers with meats that will last much longer without worrying about freezer burn. Ironically this time of year you tend to get good prices on meat because of meat producers getting animals to slaughter before winter.

I used the foodsaver to package up some meats and stored then in the fridge. What with me being a bit lazy to cook and then the Holidays cooking I sort of forgot to cook those packages of meat. In a way I was almost afraid to open the packages because I was afraid I let the meat spoiled and I wasted food and money.

The last 2 days I got the courage up to open up the packages and the meat was not rotten, in fact it smelled about the same as when I packaged the meat 4-6 weeks ago! I have cooked and eaten the meat and I have had no problems with any sort of food borne illness. One of the coolest thing for me as the only person in my house is that I can re-seal the package of meat and not have to cook everything immediately.

I now see the problem with using the small Foodsaver when you want to freeze larger roasts. Larger chunks of meat won’t fit into the smaller Foodsaver bags. I like buying larger chunks of meat and having the ability to vacuum pack a Rib Eye or more expensive cut of meat on sale is something the larger Foodsaver vacuum system would make saving larger items doable.

I’m repackaging some of the not freezer burnt meats using the foodsaver. As I understand it you can refreeze meats safely if you slowly thaw the meats in the fridge. The texture of the meat might suffer from the ice crystal formations but the meat should be safe to eat. I bought up a lot of “deli” turkey and sliced it up for pet food/treats and it is to expensive to lose to freezer burn, though I’m no longer feed my Tucker dog that sliced turkey.

I’m looking forward to buying the large 5-10 pound bags of frozen veggies from Cash & Carry and making smaller vacuum packed bags of those veggies to freeze if my garden does not produce as many veggies as I would like in a season. I can now freeze my own veggies from the garden and they won’t get freezer burnt. It would be nice to plant cole crops and be able th blanch/freeze them early in the growing season.

The big kindling box is working out great. I grabbed a couple of armfuls of kindling from the big box and filled the indoor firewood box and the big out door box is still half full of kindling. I’ve started using wood from the last wood delivery because it’s just a larger chunk of wood that burns longer and the house stays warmer with those larger chunks of wood.

The new doggie door is working much better at keeping out the cold out but the lining the contractor used to frame the doggie door stops the flap from closing consitantly. I’m a bit of an idiot because I have a Dremel and I can cut back 2-4 inches of that metal so the pet door can shut cleanly. I always wanted a Dremel tool and I constantly forget I have that tool.

I don’t think the people that owned the house previously were big believers of using insulation of any sort. I do have a plan to fix at least some of the problems of the back entryway with new walls, fix some framing and floor covering. It’s just going to take a couple of months of saving up cash to make it happen.

It is not all bad news. I have many more tools and I’m getting a little better at basic carpentry jobs. My biggest cost is is materials and not tools so this project is doable this winter. At this time the only tool I want is a good table saw. But you know how projects and tools go… you always want more/better stuff.

2 Responses to Testing some Foodsaver stored meats stored in the fridge.

  1. Anna says:

    Do you ever get stray animals coming in the doggy door? Racoons? Feral cats? Neighbor’s dogs?

  2. Jamie says:

    Anna, Wild animals are limited to squirrels, but I had a couple of the neighborhood cats come in the old doggy door around the end of October and early November. Most good quality commercially available doggy doors have a solid cover you can slide or lock into place that covers the door opening.

    If you have a cat box or you crate your dog overnight you can easily slide the solid door down and lock it down against other animals (most types) from entering your home.

    My old doggy door had a plastic cover that popped onto the plastic frame and it was useless keeping any animal from coming through the doggy door. This is the reason I spent more for a metal frame doggy door rather than going with a cheaper plastic framed door.

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