Working on Odds & Ends Today

It has been a crazy start to 2021 in the USA. I won’t say my brain “broke” but it sure got bent out of shape trying to understand some people’s pretzel logic. Since I can’t control or change anything I decided to try and finish up a few jobs I have around the house.

Last month I started cleaning and rearranging my front bedroom to be a warm project work space. I added a few tall shelves and got started on filling the the shelves with some of the items I want close to hand and use quickly enough that those items don’t need to go into long-term (the basement) storage area. The shelves are not a perfect fit but they are functional. I have cleared almost of the floor space of buckets and other odds and ends so I can walk through the room and do projects.

One project I got done is making more fire starters for the wood stove. It was nice to have a place to slowly warm the wax overnight and then just fill up the paper egg cartons or muffin papers with wood chip/sawdust then add the wax. I think the best part of the job is I had a place to put all of the fire starter stuff up on a shelf out of the way until I need to make more for myself or Mom. Having the ability to move one project out of the way on a shelf so that the work table is clear for a different project is heavenly to me.

I have a good size work table set up in the room that gets a lot of light from the two windows in the room. My idea is with the table and the shelves I’ll have enough space to set one or even two small projects on the table without having to clean up, set up and put away projects any time I want to do a project or I could leave a project setup on the table for a couple of days. I don’t know about you but half the time I don’t start a project simply because it takes so much time to create space to start a project and I have to clean up the project because space is limited to another work space that needs to be use daily.

I have to say the the Red Harbor freight cart has been very useful moving stuff around the bedroom as I have been cleaning and organizing. Having a place that can be easily moved, to set my beer making supplies until I get them all cleaned up and stored on the “new” shelves is nice. Now that I have a shelve to store the beer making supplies rather than them just take up my work table space, I’m going to push the cart into the kitchen and wash everything, put it all back on the cart and place all the beer making equipment on a shelves rather than the work table. I want to start making beer again now that I’m making the workspace available for the job. Plus anything I don’t have to pay taxes to the feds is a good thing in an of itself!

It seems My Smokey cat is going blind though she still can see light and dark spaces. I’m not sure how old Smokey is as she was a rescue/shelter cat. But she is somewhere between 13-20 years old if the shelter was correct in saying she was 5 year old when I got her. I think the shelter was wrong on her age but I can’t prove it. Smokey does not have the hops she used to but she is eating well and seems to be able to see light, dark and some shadows. While I did not intend for my landscaping to assist a blind cat. Smokey seems to know where she is by how the ground feels to her paws and at night I turn on the back porch light while she is out and she always finds her way in via the cat door. Much like a human in the dark will put out a hand to feel for a wall she will put her nose and feel for the bed and she knows just how high she has to jump to land on the bed.

What I notice the most about Smokey the cat is she sniffs more but also she depends on the texture of the surface she walks on and the little bits of landscaping borders I have put in the backyard. Smokey’s whiskers feel the border and the soil texture under feet and she always finds the pet door. She won’t go far outside if she hears a dog bark but she will make a be line to the cat door or the open back door if she hears a dog bark.

While animals live in the moment they also remember very well. If you have a a blind pet keep most of the landscaping the same that your pet has learned over the years. If you change the landscaping add in borders that define the changes you are making to the yard. I love to rearrange furniture but keep the basic walkways the same as much as possible for your pet. Your pet won’t have some sort of angst about becoming blind like a human would in the same situation. Having a blind pet is not bad as dogs and cats have other good senses. You just have find ways to keep the pet safe while allowing them maximum freedom of movement.

Really that describes life itself. I hate the mask mandates because they are worse than not using a mask. I was one of the first to wear a mask back in March 2020 because I erred on the side of caution when the government said don’t buy/wear masks. I spent about $300.00 getting myself and Mom prepped for the Covid in February. I had no good info and that corona flu looked darn scary in March 2020. Now I have a little better info. Go back and read my blog in Feb. through April 2020 I was hardcore on PPE.

I am changing my stance a bit but that is another blog post.

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