More clean up odds and ends including not supporting Anti American Businesses

I got all of the beer making supplies cleaned up and put up on shelves. I have a couple of food grade buckets still drying out. Those buckets will hold my malted barley grains for beer making. I still have a few things to move like the grain crusher and the scale for measurements but so far the cleanup and organizing is looking good!

Now that I have added some shelves I can store all my pressure cookers and caners where they are easy to access for cooking and canning. I have a few shelving spots free so I’ll bring the dehydrators upstairs so I can start getting things like frozen veggie dehydrated for making soups and stews. I used my little vacuum sealer to vacuum pack 12 pounds of bacon into the big freezer. I’m amazed how quickly the big freezer is filling up after I had to throw out a lot of old/freezer burnt food. It looks like I’ll have to move the ice blocks around in order to use a couple of plastic crates to hold frozen items by date. My plan is I can organize the crates by month so I rotate the food out of the chest first in first out. I love the power efficiency of a chest freezer but rotating food on a first in first out is more of a challenge compared to an upright freezer.

There are a lot of business stories about food inflation starting to go up especially in the2nd/ 3rd world markets. The last time that happened we saw a run on dry goods like rice, beans, corn meal, grains, sugar and cooking oils. There is some good news most of the coffee market has recovered and you can get stocked up again for a good price. Sugar does not seem be a product going up in cost but dairy items seem to be hit or miss finding them on sale. I’m seeing full shelves in stores of paper products and pet food seems to have stabilized as far as product availability.

My hope is that most people are prepared and don’t need to panic buy products. My fear is many people just don’t have the money to buy anything beyond their basic needs every week. I guess we will see in a another week or two how people spend the $600.00 hush money in the stores. Are we going to see a run on Video game consoles and TVs or a run on toilet paper, garden seeds and food?

I can no longer support any company that is supporting critical Race theory, Social Justice or is anti-free speech. I was never on twitter or Facebook so that I can’t even quit those platforms to make a point. I don’t use google as a search engine I use Duck Duck Go. I removed my credit card from my Amazon Account but I can’t see a way to cancel my Amazon account. I have my old kindle but I use sites that offer free downloads of copyright free content. I have used to get kindle books that do not use Both Coca-Cola and Bank of America have gone all SJW. I don’t use those products now so not a sacrifice. I have not used anything from Gillette for a couple of years but I probably use some product from the parent company. I’m moving away from using anything made in China but that has been a challenge. I haven’t paid or watched cable TV in years. I do have a ROKU and a lot of old DVDs but I don’t support Hollywood films or TV shows. The last film I saw in a movie theater was Star Trek into Darkness in 2013 over 8 years ago. Again I’m not working all that hard to disconnect from the SJW’s.

Though I have been working on disengaging the Mega-corps and go local. It takes a lot of effort not to buy the lowest price item regardless where it comes from in the world. Buy stuff second hand, be it from yard sales, pawn shops and from your neighbors. The mega corp. got it’s money on the first sale. Any local second hand sale the money goes into the hands of your neighbors. Look at the country of origin when buying a product. I know the PTBs play shenanigans’ routing products through “acceptable” countries but at least you are working through a middle man and the bad countries don’t get all the profit. Shop local and learn to make more of the stuff you need. It might be growing a garden and preserving food or learning how to make shelves or knit. You don’t have to be perfect, just do as much as you can to starve the Beast!

It takes a lot of rain drops to erode granite. Every single raindrop is important to eroding that chunk of granite.

2 Responses to More clean up odds and ends including not supporting Anti American Businesses

  1. Anna says:

    I’m with you on where to buy. I also mostly buy second hand so I tell myself I’m not buying from China and saving the environment but maybe that’s lying to myself. Its just so hard to know now days.

    It is a very sad time with media spouting propaganda rather than presenting the news. I stopped watching network news some time ago. Now we have censoring of news including that of our President. For the past four years the democrats and the media (their media) have been calling the President a nazi but its the democrats and their media that are imposing nazi type censorship. The next four years are going to see a huge attack on anyone or anything that does not follow party line. New world order??
    Woke definitely. Woke is so stupid — you can rewrite history but that doesn’t change history. Again forcing woke onto everyone. It is suddenly and strange and evil world.

    • Jamie says:

      It’s not all bad. Without Trump as their Boogie man the left/democrats don’t share much in common.

      I suspect they will start attacking each other in February or March at the latest πŸ˜‰

      Get your popcorn and favorite beverage and watch the show!

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