Update on the tea kettle cleanup

I can’t believe how good looking the tea kettle is now! The kettle looked very rusty coming out of the vinegar bath. I rinsed and let it dry naturally and on one section I rubbed the kettle with a little bit of lard. I wanted to see if adding lard would help clean up some of the rust before starting more aggressive methods of removing rust. That spot seemed some what promising so I used paper towels to rub down the exterior of the kettle and then placed the kettle upside down in theoven set at 550 degrees F. for 45 minutes to do the standard cast iron cure/bake.

The exterior of the kettle looks good. It has blackened up and no rust is visible nor is there any flaking of the new finish. There is still some sort of “goo” inside the kettle. I have seen this “goo” on some old cast iron pans. It is like the worst combination of grease, wax, dirt combined and very difficult to clean up. I tried boiling water for about an hour, changing the water once but the “goo” is still in the kettle. It is not a big deal as the kettle looks great and can sit on my wood stove as an humidifier. I really want to get the kettle clean out to use as a tea kettle. Plus I’m learning how to recondition old cast iron.

I have a couple more options to try out for the kettle. I need to clean my stove and the grills from my BBQs. I have a self cleaning oven that heats up well above 700 degrees F. and literally turns all burnt on stuff to ash. Perhaps that high heat will remove the “goo” and the worst thing that happens is my oven and all my BBQ grills will be clean.

If you use this method of a “curing” cast iron there will be some smoke and some hint of vinegar aroma coming from your oven. I used a high acid content vinegar of 20% for the first bath of the kettle and used a mixture of 20% , 5% and hot water for the second bath of the kettle. The high acid vinegar is very pungent and can make your eyes water and nose drip if you get a good whiff of it. Masks might be needed when working with it. Open windows, use the oven vent fan and there will be a little bit of smoke and vinegar aroma in the house. I won’t say the smoke and aroma was bad just that it was noticeable.

I recommend moving away from Amazon for shopping. While some small businesses are on Amazon exclusively many have there own websites ready for shopping. Many people say boycotts/buy cots don’t work in the long term. What does it hurt to try and find alternate methods to pay people directly if it only takes a couple of clicks on the internet. Many people set up an Amazon sales account for ease of use, but they also have an internet store front in addition to the Amazon store front. I’m good with doing business with anyone that subscribes to the “Don’t be an asshole or bitch” and don’t cheat me. A simple and easy way for any business to operate.

The National Guard in DC. This seems very strange that 2-3 divisions of the Army and some air National guard have been deployed to Washington DC. Without regard to feeding or even providing cots and a place to sleep. Weapons are laid against the walls of congress and there seems to be very few people guarding or securing weapons. I was in the NG and Active Army as an NCO. But we planned Field training exercises about two years in advance. I served as an Unit Armorer and we had all weapons stored in a Steel shipping crate in the middle of a National Military training area and not out in the open in a major metropolitan area!

I already see terrible weapon security in the halls of congress. Weapons leaned up against the wall and troopers/soldiers asleep and as far as I can see no guards. I have heard that the troops have weapons ready to shoot to kill and that no ammo has been issued because the Politicians don’t want an incident.

I don’t know, I was involve with deploying folks to Ruby Ridge, LA riots in the National guard. We got little info other that The Government said we THIS THAT AND THE OTHER THING and WE NEED IT RIGHT NOW!

These aren’t bad people in the National Guard. Most probably signed up for some college money and help their community in a disaster. They don’t get a choice where they are deployed. Here in Idaho 300 NG have deployed to Washington DC for what? You have 2-3 divisions worth of NG in DC. In Boise the Schools are closing campuses and going into lock down. The US postal services is removing Blue collection boxes for some reason.

None of this Government reaction makes sense. It is way over the top of reactions. Stay home, have a BBQ. Get stocked up on your favorite beverage, snacks and ignore the inauguration. I think the best reaction is to have no reaction at all and simply go on with your lives as normally as you can daily. I have a little plant starter kit that looks like a good buy. I’m going to work on the foundation of my green house. Clean up my garden. I have plenty of jobs and recreation to keep me busy.

4 Responses to Update on the tea kettle cleanup

  1. denim3225 says:

    Have you tried baking soda on your goo? I have used it on very old cast iron from my Grandmother. Some is over 100 years old and in pretty bad shape. I used the soda , and elbow grease, hot boiling water, more elbow grease. Then I lightly applied a soft grit sand paper to buff the goo spot. Then Crisco, or avocado oil, whatever I had on hand. It may take several attempts to get cleaned up.
    I was wondering about the troops and the no cots/mess hall/ latrine/security. But I’m merely a moron and don’t know much. I have pretty much have cut off tv, and any other news blab. Even our local news is a joke. I don’t believe much of anything from anything any more.
    I’m just stocking my pantry and living my life the best way I can. And reading your blog. Please keep posting about your daily life, I enjoy it.

    • Jamie says:

      denim3225: I’m glad you like my little musings
      I have not tried baking soda but I think I got rid of most of the interior goo during the oven self clean cycle. I did a the boiling water and doing another oven bake of the tea pot covered in lard and baked in the oven 45-60 minutes.

      I was an NCO back in the 1990-2003 and not having security, food and sleep plan for your troopers was a bad thing. If I was the Governor I’d pull all my troopers out of DC.

      Stocking up and not playing the Elite’s game seem to me to be the best option.

  2. Anna says:

    It makes sense if you think coup d’etat instead of inauguration. Sorry to say it looks like that to me.

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