Table storage… and starter plants

I got the table from Bi-mart and it was from Viet Nam and not China so I’m Okay with the purchase. What is cool is the storage shelves have different heights. So I tested out a 1/2 gallon Mason jar on the top shelf and it fit! Huzzah Huzzah!

I have always liked the look of using glass containers for storage. I really like the 1/2 gallon jars with the wide mouth lids because I could seal the jars with the Food Saver attachment for lids. It’s a “country” look/display in the kitchen but I am very “country” in what appeals to me. With this table I was able to remove a less than attractive bit of rolling shelf storage and free up a bit more floor space. While the table still dominates the kitchen, getting rid of that small rolling cart does help make the kitchen feel a little bit more open.

Mom left a few tall Bar chairs and they fit well with the new table. The old bar like table was not built for using bar height chair and you always had to adjust the taller chairs to try and make yourself fit the table. For now I have set aside one of the “chairs that came with the table and I’m going with one of Mom’s bar chairs for use at the table. The chair seems to be working better for me so far since I have a bit more room to place my knees and get a more comfortable sitting position.

SW Idaho has had a mild winter and is teasing me about getting plants started early indoors. SW Idaho can fool gardeners into planting outside early in the year. May 8-12 is average last frost date but I have seen it snow as late as 18 May in the last 30 years so protect your plants outside just in case!

I have ordered a starter box that comes with a good size heating mat and 2 seed starting boxes with domed lids for the front bedroom that has a lot of natural light. I ordered a 15 inch wide heating mat for starting plants in my computer room that tends to be cool and I have a UV growing lamp to augment the sunlight I get from one window. I think growing and preserving as much of your own food will be critical in the in the next couple of years. If I’m wrong, then at the very least you have good veggies to eat.

I’m laying out the basics to put up the greenhouse on a good foundation but I’ll need to move a couple of raised beds and cut back more grape vines to prepare for the greenhouse foundation. I was leaning toward a mulch bed “floor” originally. While it it will be more expensive to build, I’m thinking I’d like a wood floor inside the greenhouse for enjoying cooler days in relative comfort. I’m making a big investment of money and time. I’d like to get the maximum use out of the green house.

This might sound a bit crazy but Joe Biden is pissing off a lot of the Unions with his EOs going after keystone pipeline and anti-fracking states that voted for him in the west as well as Pennsylvania, south Texas and other states. I wonder if slow Joe is being set up for the pariah of going full Green New Deal just so Kamala can reverse “some” of Biden’s EO’s in March and April after having Biden removed via the 25th amendment? I don’t like Joe Biden but it is not like the Democrats to piss off union workers or states that went hard democrat in the election. I’m sure the Democrats would screw the Union workers in a heart beat but they usually try not be so blatant.

How about those NG Troopers and how they were treated. You brought in 20,000 troop/ 2 divisions and no one thought abought having a cot to sleep on or setting up tents for first aid or how to feed the troops at least one hot meal per day? While marble floors are pretty and even concrete floors can be okay. I did not see one trooper with a sleeping pad or a sleeping bag, never mind the non-existent cots! Yes I’m a bit peeved. What NCO/officer forgot to tell the troops to bring a sleeping bag and pad at a minimum? Where are the warming tents? Hot KP tents issuing at least one or 2 meals per day?

I know being a soldier is not meant to be easy. For gosh sake these troopers deployed to DC in the USA and they don’t have a cot to sleep on? I’d be happy if the troopers set up tents with heaters all around DC with KP setups feeding them food. I’d like troopers to have at least a sleeping pad an sleeping bag in DC. What are you doing NG when you don’t give your troopers a packing list that includes a sleeping bag and pad?

This should go without saying but all people need to eat, drink water, sleep and poop and if you can’t do that safely for your troops you are a failure as a leader! Don’t blame the upper ranks. Stand up for your troopers. You states that sent the NG to DC and see how they are treated… Bring the NG home and don’t help the Federal government that treats any state citizen so badly.

Good job Biden administration: You have shown exactly what you think of the US military, The National Guard and every family or friend that can talk to a member of the National guard deployed to DC.

Personally I think Biden will go all EO and Double down on the liberal/socialist agenda. Then Joe Biden will be removed via 25th Amendment and Kamala will revoke the EO’s that don’t poll well with Americans and she will be proclaimed the “savior of democracy”. Never mind the USA is a Republic.

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  1. Sbrgirl says:

    Seeing soldiers sleeping on the floor absent mats or sleeping bags elevated my blood pressure too — but I’m sure the chocolate chip cookies Jill Biden took to the parking garage, you know, the one with two toilets for 5,000 soldiers, made them feel much better!

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