Just puttering around, I’m a bit concerned about food prices going up.

I got a couple of little jobs done in the house. They weren’t big jobs, just some odds and ends that can be considered complete and marked off the TO-DO list.

The bed in the spare bedroom was place on “risers” to facilitate under bed storage for Mom. I don’t need that storage area so I added some simple wheels to the bed frame and it was easier to do that I had imagined. The bed rolls across the floor with just a simple push so it won’t take much effort to move the bed when I am ready to start painting that bedroom. The wheels have given me an inch or two leeway in bed placement. I know a couple of inches does not seem like a big difference but in a small room it is very noticeable.

I finally got the blind hung correctly in my bedroom window. These were a “cheap” blind that snapped into place in the brackets provided by the manufacturer. The brackets need a bit of space to allow the blind to SNAP into the holding bracket. I placed one bracket to close to the window frame and it did not have enough room to “flex” and grab the top of the blind. I moved the the bracket about 1/16-1/8th of an inch away from the window and the blind snapped into the holding bracket without a problem.

I cut up the last of the cherry tree limbs using a bow saw. The wood was so dry I was able to break a lot of the limbs into smaller pieces but I had to relearn how to use a bow saw efficiently cutting the larger pieces of wood. Using a bow saw is easy but you have to let the blade do the work and not try and strong arm/muscle the saw into cutting faster. It was not a lot of wood cutting up the cherry wood branches. A bit of kindling and a few larger branches to start a fire in the morning. Two or three days worth of easy start fires with free wood is worth the effort.

I cut up a box worth of kindling for Mom and cut the big chunks of wood for future kindling. I enjoy seeing wood cut into kindling, though it can be difficult to get started sometimes. Mom says she is doing okay for kindling, so any extra kindling I cut will go in my kindling box indoors or into the big box of kindling for next year. Having extra firewood on hand does not spoil. The longer wood has to dry/season the better/cleaner that wood will burn in your wood stove.

I’m a little worried the USA may see some food price inflation this year. I recommend you get your seeds early and plan to get your garden ready as soon as you are able based on your growing season. If you are reliant on grocery stores fore your meats and staple you need to stock up as much as possible.

My local Fred Meyer/Kroger has 3 pounds of bacon for about $12.00 of $3.49 per pound. Not a bad price if you like a salty bacon rather than a sweet tasting bacon. My local Grocery Outlet has 5 pounds of hamburger for $9.00 per tube. I know it is tough to stock up when all your money goes to just keeping your head above water financially. I’m just giving you some ideas about what you could buy on sale for under $20.00. You don’t have to buy everything all at once!

I like ramen noodles and you can buy a 12 pack for about $3.00. I like chicken thighs and in my area the price hovers around $1.00 per pound. Now you buy the sauce be it Tomato based or a bottle of Panda Express sauce or the local store equivalent and you have the makings of a meal. Make up a batch of beans and you have many ways to extend the meal. Nope, it is not easy to make new meals from the same basic ingredients. Now is the time to practice! It is okay to start small for your food storage. I know when I started I got all the prepper stuff done and I had no snacks stored. I like salty snacks rather than sweet and I bought a 12 pound bag of popcorn then I bought an Air popper. Pop corn is better tasting if cooked via oil in a pan but an Air popper is faster, cheaper (using real popcorn) and better than most microwave popcorn. I also have a bucket filled with “fun sized” little candy bars. You don’t have to buy those goods if you already have those goods on hand.

2 Responses to Just puttering around, I’m a bit concerned about food prices going up.

  1. Anna says:

    Our local paper posts “50 years ago” column each week so thought you might find this interesting. Feb. 10, 1971 — Kraft Miracle Whip 32 ounce jar 49¢ (today’s ad 22 oz. $3.68); 24 oz. can Dinty Moore beef stew 59¢; 12 oz. twin pack potato chips 49¢; 3 lb. Blue Bonnet Margarine $1; 10# potatoes 49¢ (today’s paper 5# $1.99); Nestles Choc chips 12 oz. 49¢.

    We’ll never see prices like that again I’m sure!

  2. Jamie says:

    Anna, My Mom has some Almanacs from the early 70’s and the price of basic goods like food, rent and energy could make you weep for the loss of value in the dollar.

    I will say we also did not have as many cheap electronics but exactly how many TVs or phones do you need to buy each year? 😉

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