It was just a day full of dumb! Most of it was my fault.

There are just some days I will do dumb stuff and then have to scramble to fix all the things I managed to screw up. I had no emergencies and nothing critically went wrong. Just a lot of little things that showed I was not paying attention to my chores. Ironically when I screw up is when I learn the most about my weakness in preps.

I almost ran out of wet cat food because I did not account for the weather. I need to have a couple of cases of backups in storage so I can weather a disaster. I learned my young cats like some pate cat food though my older cat Smokey is all about the more expensive Friskies’s cat food with lots of gravy. I had plenty of dry cat food so the cats would not starve. But a little snow storm that we had here should not create that much stress in me about feeding my cats. Especially when all I needed to to do is add a couple of cases of wet cat food in storage.

Replacing a cell phone and upgrading plans is dumb! I don’t need a Data plan for my or Mom’s phones. But in order to have a cell phone you just about have to use a Smart phone and a data plan to use most cell phone networks. Surprise! you have to pay more money for access to the network even if you don’t want a data plan. You would think a cell phone networks would encourage people to have a cell phone that does not require data to clog up the network. Nope, cell phone plans encourage more data usage then throttle the networks when people think an Unlimited Data Plan means unlimited data. It’s dumb but that is cell phone service in the USA. One thing I loved about cell phone service in Germany when I stationed there in the early 2000’s, is people had to use their cell phone minutes to call your phone. I can tell you I never got any random robo-calls while I was stationed in Germany!

Food prices are going up especially in grains, eggs and dairy products. We have all seen the inflation cost hit our shopping lists but now the big food producers are admitting that food costs go up and will hit 2010/2011 levels and might go higher. I don’t know what you cook but I recommend focusing on storing meat, grains, and things like eggs and dairy products. I’m okay for most of those items but I need to add some more yeast and lard stored safely. Fresh veggies from garden would be a great supplement to your menu. If you can, freeze or dry foods you either buy or produce. All the better for you and your family.

Don’t wait, now is the time to get stocked up on all the stuff you can buy for a reasonable price. For you folks getting hit with this very bad weather SURVIVE now, then buy the used generators, heaters and lamps when they go on sale after the disaster . I doubt a Mr. Buddy heater or any full propane tanks in the Midwest could be be bought now for love, money or gold.

It is crazy out there. We thought 2020 was bad and 2021 said “Hold my Beer”.

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