Repair jobs and my Baker Creek seeds arrived early!

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor cut down several of my trees and limbs using my Ryobi pole saw and the pole saw quit working.  I guessed it was because the saw ran out of oil.  Not mad at my neighbor as Ryobi pole saws tend to leak oil and I did not supply any oil while he was cutting the limbs.  I went on Youtube and found the repair for the pole saw was probably a blown fuse that protects the motor if the oil gets low.  Only problem is the fuse is deep in the “pole” wiring of the saw. I found a website that had a replacement pole for the saw and it only cost about $10.00.  I finally got to work on fixing the part but there were a couple of issues,  #1 The wires were Blue and Brown rather than Black and red like the original pole wiring. I put the blue wire on the Red terminal and the brown wire on black then did a power test and I guessed correctly and the motor ran great.  #2 problem was lining the new pole to the old base and that took a couple of tries and the pole does not fit perfectly but the pole saw runs and all it cost was $10.00 and a couple of hours of effort/learning because I have never repaired a pole saw. 

I would recommend checking out if you have power tools you want to repair or if you buy used/trashed power tools.  You might find the replacement parts are low cost and save a lot of money compared to paying full price for a new tool.  Tearing apart a tool might seem a little daunting to some people but if the tool is already broken and unable to function.  You don’t have anything to lose and you might learn something about how the tool works before you just chuck it in the trash and pay full price for a new tool. 

I repaired a lamp Mom bought at a local thrift store that would flicker intermittently when turned on.  I bought a new switch/lightbulb holder and replaced the old flickering light base.  Very easy fix and all it cost for the new base was $6.70 to replace the old base and about 20-30 minutes of hooking the wires up and screwing the lamp back together. I bought a new topper to secure the lampshade to the lamp “harp” that is what the wire support for the lamp shade is named in the hardware store.  It is very rewarding to me to repair something especially at a low cost and you get the item you want working.  Mom has about $20.00 total cost into a lamp that she really likes and fits the décor of the room. 

I think there are opportunities to learn to repair some of your broken stuff.  For example I build PC’s and while I may not be up to soldering in capacitors. I can pluck and chuck memory sticks, hard drives and assorted cards and CPUs as well as replace fans, power supplies with some competence. Building a PC is simple but that does not mean it easy or you won’t make mistakes.  You will make mistakes, goodness knows I have made plenty, but that is how you learn.  You can’t let the fear of failure stop you or you will never try to do anything because trying something new and failure go hand in hand with learning. 

The seeds from Baker Creek arrived early and I have to set up another seed starter box. I got the mini-bell peppers, some different varieties of Bok Choy substitute as I have not had much luck growing any type of Bok Choy.  I think it gets to hot to fast for seeding Bok Choy plants.  Now that I think about it I should start any Bok Choy indoors at the same time as I start my cabbages.  I have some different corn to plant this year.  I have had good luck planting a early sweet corn, I’m trying a corn that supposed to be a sweet corn early and a dent/popcorn later in the season.  While I can’t grow enough corn for flour I’d like to grow enough dent corn to grind for flour and use some of the corn as bird feed. 

Inflation is happening in the USA but there also seems some scare-mongering that some how because the Suez canal is blocked The Americas can’t make tissue paper.  The USA does not import much Tissue paper and what little we import comes from Canada.  I’d like lower timber prices and it would be possible if the USA and Canada opened up logging on federal lands.  Now if you drink Coffee or tea I would stock up at today’s relatively low prices.  The Suez canal blockage will hit Europe hard at first but we in the Americas will feel it in rising prices for what we consider basic goods.  No the Suez canal won’t be shut down for months.  I’m guessing about another 2-3 weeks at the worse as corporations and government will  move heaven and earth to keep ships moving. 

I’m not freaking out about stockpiling random products the Powers That Be are freaking out about stockpiling.  I’m more concerned about having coffee on hand rather than toilet paper.  Three months ago coffee was cheap and had trouble finding a buyer.  Now coffee is black gold, but it isn’t in the USA because S. America grows coffee and the Suez canal does not affect that shipping.   I won’t say I’m expert at Geography how does the Suez Canal shutting down affect the Americas other than oil the Joe Biden wants to import from the Middle East, rather than support energy production in the USA. 

I believe this shall pass,  but I will stock up on TP and coffee not because I think their is a shortage of products.  Because I think other people will think there will be shortage.  There is no shortage of gasoline it cost another $1.00 per gallon to buy.  More expensive does not always mean there is a shortage of product to buy. 
















Biden wants to import from the Middle East

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