New gates installed and some clean up done.

I found out that 48 inch x 48 inch gates are not square and actually are 43 inch by 46 inch for the gate latch and hinge hardware ,to fit a a “48” inch opening for a gate. I tired squaring the back gate but I need to buy a come along/ratchet strap to get that last bit 1/2 inch out of square to consider the the gates “hung” correctly. The gates swing fully 180 degrees and are fully functional as gates that control pet access between the front and back yard. I’m glad I did not have to deal with a new dog while I was repairing the gates.

While I wanted a more intimidating/personal protection dog. I can’t handle/control a 80-120 pound untrained dog because of my disability. I can train a dog but if a strong dog literally drags me via leash, the dog wins on training me. I think I have picked a better set of what I want in a doggo. While I don’t think I’ll find a doggo quickly. I think I’ll find a doggo that fits with what want in a doggo and not any doggo will be wanted in this household. Not met with an attitude of any dog is good enough until I find some thing better. Pets need an owner that is engage with the pet of all sorts.

So I have my criteria for a the new doggo. Probably about 1-3 years of age, medium height of 18-24 inches tall and under 60 pounds as I have to clean/groom the critter and I doubt I could handle any critter that needs a bath if they 80 + pounds and don’t want a bath.

I did a bit of clean up around the yard and both garbage cans are full. I have to clean up the last 3 sister garden bed but I have a couple of months before those beds are needed for planting. The plant starts are growing like gang busters and the cole crops are getting a bit leggy. I have tomatoes and peppers seeds starting to put up green shoots. I have some neighbors that want plant starts so I’ll start hardening off the peas a start more tomato and peppers along with some celery plant starts.

I have not given up on the greenhouse but making the base with lumber has raised up the cost to the point I can’t afford at this time. I have a lot more prep work to do for the greenhouse so not getting built is annoying but not anything new dealing with how stuff works. Do what you can sometimes prices drop on other products when other stuff gets expensive. Roll with the costs because bitching about it will get you nowhere. Just because you can’t afford to do a job today does not mean you can’t afford that job in the future.

Life just is and it does not care about your feelings and often it does not care about Human ” facts” as the earth keeps doing Earth stuff regardless of what the politicians declare.

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