Lots of stuff happening and new doggo at Casa de Chaos!

I found a year old terrier, not very tall and weighs about 25 pounds at the local shelter on the 10th of April.  The doggo was very timid but he is slowly starting to come out of shell and show his personality.  He still tries to chase a couple of my cats but “Tege the cat” doesn’t run and gives him a little paw smack when the doggo goes into “chase the cat” mode.  I named the doggo Boomer and he is coming when his name is called.  We are still working on the house training but in only a week he is using the doggie door and going poo outside if I am outside with him,  but he had  a couple of accidents in the house. I suspect he was a neglected outdoors only dog before I got him from the pound. I’m introducing Boomer to My Mom’s dog Jackson also a terrier about the same size as well as my neighbors that Foster dogs and know how to treat a timid under socialized doggos. 

In the past I was less than pleased with West Valley Humane Society but I have to say they have vastly improved about placing dogs.  I like how you can return an adopted dog within 14 days at no cost  if the animal does not fit with a family/home.  The also offer a 14 day medical care “rider”  if some physical malady is missed at the shelter.  I got denied a few dog adoptions because the Shelter did not think the dog would be a good fit but overall I think West Valley Humane Society has really improved how they place animals compared to a few years ago.  The cost for adopting animals can be a little higher but I don’t mind a little higher cost if it helps placing a pet in a good home. 

I got one fire wood storage area almost cleaned up. I had a neighbor cut back/cut down some trees and there was a lot of debris that needed cleaning up. I’m not complaining as he saved me a lot of money trimming down those trees. Honestly the man cut most of the wood into manageable chunks but I do have a couple of good sized logs I have to cut down to smaller sizes. I cleaned up most of the limbs and cut down a lot of the larger chunks of tree with my little battery powered chain saw. Now I have to cut some of the bigger diameter stuff with the electric corded chainsaw that has a longer bar. While these logs are not huge they are incredibly wet and heavy for me to move around. I have a problem with stacking wood as any new fire wood I stack will be in front of my older seasoned wood from last year.

I will be moving a lot of wood around in order to use more seasoned wood first rather than just keeping stacking new fire wood on top of older more seasoned firewood. I’m trying to adjust but I recommend you think about how you stack your wood pile to use the older more seasoned wood first and not have that fire wood buried by green/newly cut fire wood. Start cutting your kindling now before you need it. I get my cut and split to wood stove length. I have to cut kindling and small size chunks of wood to start a fire. It is much better to cut wood into kindling over the summer rather than cut kindling when you are in a cold house and it is sleeting down icy rain when you want/need to start a fire. You never know if you might get hurt or sick and cutting kindling might be almost impossible for you to make happen.

I don’t think you have to practice being miserable. I think life is tough enough without that practice, but if you want to cut kindling in the middle of a snow storm or in the heat of summer that is on you.

2 Responses to Lots of stuff happening and new doggo at Casa de Chaos!

  1. Sbrgirl says:

    Congrats on your new pup! He’s a lucky boy to have found a home with someone willing to invest the time in helping him to adjust! I’ve had some “difficult” pups who have grown into amazing adults. Best wishes!

  2. Jamie says:

    TY Sbrgirl
    The potty training is going okay as I have not found as many piddle spots but learning that going poo outside has been a little hit and miss.
    Boomer is good going poo outside after his breakfast as long as I take him outside and wait for hin to go poo. Night time is when I fail to take him outside for his evening bathroom break.

    In just 2 weeks, I am very pleased with Boomers progress with house training. I think I’m at fault not giving the doggo a consistent schedule for going poo in the evening.

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