Wood delivery and it is raining of course.

I got just 2 cords of red fir for this delivery to replace what I burned during last year’s mild winter.  The gal that delivers the wood remarked about how little wood I used last winter.  While it may not be as “sexy” as installing a solar power system or wood stove the best thing you can do to become energy efficient is install the proper insulation and energy efficient windows.  Wood constructed homes need to breath and  get rid of excess humidity but even I can tell the difference of replacing old windows and adding  wall insulation cuts down on on drafts that can chill you despite being in a warm home. 

I have been building up my stack of firewood for a couple of years and the 2 cords of wood I got seems mall compared to the previous dumps of firewood.  Not bad, just not what I am used to seeing dumped for my firewood delivery.  A good thing is it took only a couple a few  of the garden cart loads to clear my drive way for the KIA to get out of the shop/garage. I spent some time getting the gate outside the kennel on the gate hinges and cleaning out rock/dirt so the gate moves freely.  Boomer the terrier twice let me know he is good at getting through temp. gates I set up. Thankfully Boomer likes me and comes to me rather than tries to explore the neighborhood  by himself. 

I figure I have about 3 years worth of firewood  for mild winters or 2 years worth if there is a cold winter. Though the house may stay warmer with wood heat than I expect or I may have guessed  wrong.  I know on average I’ll need about 2 cords of wood to heat my home in winter for an average winter.  Mother Nature does not care about my average use of fire wood for winter.  If you think lumber is expensive think about how the cost of firewood could go up if folks stop cutting firewood and start cutting dimensional lumber! Supply and demand that can be good and bad for the individual.  

Inflation is happing in food prices similar to what happened in 2008 and 2011. Not terrible, but not good for shoppers. While paper products have jumped in price I don’t expect that jump to last that long. I expect something similar to the Arab spring, jump in prices for basic grains and meats costing and shortages more like 2011. I expect meat prices to go higher especially pork products, then beef and poultry. I can’t say what you should do. I can grow a little garden. I can, vegetables., dehydrate, freeze or can meat I found on sale. I have the basics to bake bread but I’m at the end of the supply chain and can’t grow all the food I need. in a year to survive. That is my reality. I need other people around me to survive and nothing will change that reality for me.

There is nothing wrong with storing food now at a lower cost for hard times. There is nothing wrong with growing a small garden and working up to larger garden. There is nothing wrong with becoming energy or government utility independent. I can’t do that but I’ll cheer on anyone that can break away to any sort of self reliance freedom.

The US Government won’t save you. You are on your own to survive. Oh take those Trump bucks and Biden bucks and turn it that into something of value you need in the future.

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