Busy Days

Boomer the Dog has not had a “potty” accident indoor in over a week.  I think the two things that made a difference is Boomer feeling safe and that this is his place, #2 (no pun intended) was teaching him the difference between going indoors and out doors. Once the little guy figured that out, the potty training was easy.  We did have a few issues about what was appropriate chew items in the house such doggie bones are okay to chew but shoes gloves and knobs of cabinets are not chew toys.  I’m beginning to think Boomer could have been a destructive dog in a home by himself. Especially if the previous owner did not know how to deal with a high energy terrier that needs to go out and do terrier stuff.  It’s fun to see Boomer become an out going, high energy,  friendly dog. Compared to the the timid and fearful pup that I picked up at the pound about a month ago. 

I worked very hard getting plants started indoors and spent a few bucks getting some good plant starting boxes, heat mats and led lights and I did much better compared to other attempts but I don’t have for the small plant cell/pots for starting my plants as the plants got root bound before they were strong enough to go into the garden beds. I was able to transfer some of the plants to larger pots and give Mom some starter plants but I’m going to use larger pots in my starting boxes because getting 72 very small root bound plants does not work for me. I’d rather have plants in larger pots and get more growth before I transfer them into the garden.  It is getting to late in the year to try and transfer my Broccoli, Cauliflower into the garden as we are getting occasional 80 degree F. + days and the temp will just keep going up into summer. I’m going to direct sow the lettuce, chard. and spinaches along with root crops that should be okay even though the temperatures are getting warmer. 

Protecting the garden from critters. I have my cats as well as neighborhood cats that roam through my yard along with a small terrier that absolutely love fresh dirt to leave deposits in and that does not even consider the squirrels that love eating young plants as well as planting nuts in your garden beds.  I used some plastic mesh fencing to lay directly over the garden bed I have planted and used a few screws in the wood of the raised bed  to hook the fencing but I can still weed or thin the garden bed. The plants are small and have not reached the fencing yet, but the cats and the dog mostly ignore that bed for digging so far. Of course they have other beds that they dig in but I think the garden fencing mesh is a cost effective start if you need to protect a raised bed from critters but still need easy access to the beds. 

I moved the one of my squared big raised beds to make room for the green house and I need to block off the new bed area from the critters but I’m using a 3 sisters mounded bed and laying the fence material won’t work for this area.  I have some PVC pipe so I think I’ll use the the PVC pipe and the plastic fencing to make a temp. gate and block off the the small 19 ft.  section to the 3 sisters garden.  Lumber has become so expensive it is hard to justify making any sort of lumber fence if all you are trying to stop is a small dog and a few cats. 

I’m going to try starting indoors Cole crops like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and some cabbages in July for an August planting for a fall harvest.  This is new to me so results will probably be less than optimal but I’m doing new stuff and learning from both results.  There is nothing wrong with getting your plants from a nursery/big box store if that is how you garden. Goodness know I would buy those plants if my “project” to start my own plants fails.   If you make a garden and only rely on planting young plants you buy for $1.99-$4.99 you will still save a ton of money compared to paying $1.00-$2.00 per pound for veggies in a store and the price of most fresh herbs in a store costs a lot more than a dollar per pound! 

You do what you can with what you have to work with as far as time, physical energy and the space you have for your garden.  Raised bed gardens are nothing more than a big container garden.  If the only space you have is for few pots then maximize the plants grown in those pots.  Start growing something! It will be both harder and easier than you think, but as you learn you will get better at it.  Trust me, I though I was the definition of a “black thumb” and if you could package my gardening prowess in a bottle.  I’d put Round up to shame as a plant killer!  Last year I had a hard time just keeping up with all the garden produced. 

Onto the stacking of the wood. I filled up the “Kennel firewood” walk way area with some of the new fire wood. I can reach the Dry/seasoned wood in the first two accessible wood racks.  A little inconvenient but workable to burn the older seasoned wood. I remembered a spot I stacked “mill ends” and just cleaned up a plant debris and laid down a couple of less than building quality boards to elevate the wood to dry.  It’s probably 4-8 hours of work so for me 2-3 days at my worst.  But I figure I’ll have all the wood stacked by this weekend.  It is amazing to me  how much easier it is to stack 2 cords of wood compared to 3 cords of wood as that big pile of wood is a lot more intimidating. 

I was surprised I was not physically worn out. I slathered on the essential oil pain cream before going to bed and I slept great and woke up with nothing more than very minor muscle soreness from physical work.  My hope is I’m rebuilding some muscular endurance.  I don’t expect a 100% recovery or no pain but it is nice to be able to get to work and not spend 1-2 days in recovery.  Overall I did not work very hard, just enough to warm up the muscles and joints.  But compared to me thinking I’d be down for 1-2 days the work I got done was a surprise and a good feeling. 



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