The corn starter plants are looking good!

I’m going to get the corn starts into the ground this weekend. I’ll plant the pole beans and squash seeds at the same time now that the corn has a head start to provide the structure for the pole beans to climb.  I need some winter squash beans to go with the summer squash.  Most of my peppers and Tomato plants have not done very well in my starter boxes. I think the fault was me but I have found the very small plants cells hard to use and I think the plants suffered from “transplant shock” when I moved the plants to larger pots.  This is an easy fix as the starting boxes have done a great job with plants in larger pots.  But I may have to buy a few pepper and tomato plants to fill up the last garden bed. 

I’m not concerned about trying some direct sown tomato and pepper plants or even buying plants from a greenhouse as I have almost 180 days until the Oct.10 frost date for this area.  Most plants that can grow in this climate need at most 120 days from seed to production so I have time to practice starting seeds for plants even if I screw up or it takes a bit of time to learn what works best for my garden. 

I doubt I’m alone in feeling like I’m behind with my garden if I don’t see growing plants in the earliest month possible for plants to survive and miss the frost date.  I have planted plants late in the season and have had a great crop because I did not get caught in an early frost or some other little challenge Mama Nature decided to throw my way. 

To the things that seem to be working.  Covering the raised beds with the plastic fencing is working out great as a pet barrier. The little PVC pipe fence seems to be working to discourage the cats and has blocked the dog from digging in the 3 sisters beds so far.  We will see how everything works after the plants are in the ground but I am hopeful that this will keep the animal destruction to a minimum. 

I have a few big shopping days coming up. Albertsons is having having a 10% off for military/veterans on the 15th of May and I have coupons for several items I buy like dogfood, meat and paper towels.  I know a lot of people buy the same things every week as their shopping is a “habit” rather than trying to get the best price possible for things they will need/want in the future. Even though the items are on sale, people don’t but the item because they don’t NEED the item this/next week. 

With inflation jumping up so fast you should rethink how you shop. Once you have built your basic pantry of foods you need for a couple of weeks.  You can buy stuff on sale or that you have a coupon for saving on things you will need in the future. This way you are building your stockpile of items at the lowest possible cost every time you shop. 

Fred Meyers is having a good sale on meat, 80/20 hamburger for $1.97 per pound in 3 pound chubs. I want to pick up at least 3 of those chubs and freeze them for the future. I have no idea why Food saver products have went on sale and some items are half the price of the recent past.  But I’m going to buy up those vacuum packagers deals as they preserve food and minimize tossing out food due to rot or freezer burn. 

You will be pay higher prices with this inflation.  At best you can shop and somewhat mitigate the rising costs for a few months until prices stabilize and you make a new budget. 

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