Great day shopping though I did not anticipate the parade

It was a bit crowded and crazy at the Albertsons parking lot but I got a good parking spot despite the parade going right by the store.  I wanted to hit Albertsons as they had the dog food I buy on sale plus I had coupons and a 10% military discount for all groceries. I buy the Beniful grain free dry dog food and Boomer loves it but he has not gotten fat this last month I think he is putting on muscle with all of the yard to romp in. I bought some pork chops at $1.49 per pound and some chicken thighs at $.99 per pound before the military discount. I’m no “Coupon Queen” that can get a lot of groceries for minimal cost.  But I think I did great getting several bags of groceries for about $60.00.

It look likes inflation is really increasing  the price of basic items found in shopping carts.  I shop sales items but the items not on sale increased 33-50% in less than 2 weeks. That is not even counting Items that sell for a higher price for less product. I don’t use a lot of paper towels but I like having them around for some jobs. I bought a 6 pak of so called “jumbo rolls” of paper towels and I could fit 4 rolls of paper towels in a space that a year ago would barely fit 2  of the old rolls. I’m sure many of us who have watched coffee cans shrink from 48 oz. per can to about 28 oz. per can or a simple roll of 240 sheets of Toilet paper a couple years ago now has become a double roll at almost twice the price.

Good news on the starrer beds. The new larger pots are growing the peppers and tomatoes indoors.  The patio raised beds are now sprouting the Rocky Mt. lettuce mix and the weeds are growing in the raised beds.  But I’m watering every other day with the soaker hoses for about 2 hours and the water is getting deep into the raised beds.  The melons and corn are ready to plant.  I have a little bit of weeding to do but overall I think my raised bed garden are doing okay.

Boomer and I took a walk around the neighbor hood and saw some great ideas about planting.  We also saw a lawn with no grass and nothing but goatheads/puncture vines.  It is frustrating When you don’t know a person needs some help or they just don’t care. While growing grass and plants can be hit or miss at times.  You see the neglect and you are never sure if it is because of laziness or physical limitations.

We have seen all to many people that default to “I can’t” when what they mean is “I won’t” expend any effort to make my life better.  These people are everywhere but I don’t think they are the majority of people.

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