Finally the 3 sister beds are planted!

I’m a little late getting the 3 sisters beds started but the corn was started indoor and have a few weeks of growth for the pole beans to climb as the beans and squash were direct sown. I  tested out the soaker hoses for these beds and I need to do some adjustments but I think the soaker hoses will do a better job watering these beds compared to using a sprinkler. 

I was a little late getting my tomatoes and peppers started properly as I had a couple of failures, not starting the plants in large enough pots for the plant to grow to a proper size before transplanting the plant in the garden bed. The 2-4 inch pots seem to work best for me starting plants.  I also need to start plants earlier for strong plants that have a better chance surviving transplant shock.  The honeydew and sugar baby water melon are in their bed but I need to clean up more of the grape vines in order to keep those spreaders from getting entangled with each other. 

I still have to add the starting peppers and tomatoes in the last raised bed.  I had to restart the tomato and pepper seeds in larger pots indoors as the small plant cells created root bound plants that did not survive replanting into larger pots.  Lessoned learned to use larger pots rather than just fill small cells with seeds and then transplant twice increases the chances of transplant shock to young plants. 

I really like the Black gold potting soil compared to the Miracle grow soil. I think a couple of years back the Black Gold potting soil was not good,  but the potting soil I got this  year was outstanding and the Miracle grow potting soil seemed very woody like a fine wood mulch rather than a light soil for starting seeds. 

Onto Mom’s Garden beds:  Mom and I built a large 6 Ft. x 4 ft. garden bed that is 1.5 foot deep this week.  A bunch of middle school kids came to Mom’s house and cleaned out the weeds of the garden area, added soil to the raised beds and spread out the mulch that Mom had on hand for the garden.  Mom says the kids did a great job and in about an hour of those kids working the garden area looked great!  I like to give those kids a “virtual” Pat on the back for helping out my Mom and making short work of what would have been a big job for me and Mom. 

I know it can be a bit tough to feel charitable about some people that seem hell bent on destroying you.  Never be afraid to commit a random act of kindness or create senseless beauty. I added some hanging baskets of petunias to my patio cover.  Not a big deal but it makes me feel happy. That is a good enough reason to add a plant or whatever around your home. 

Some times when you let the Moron enough space to cut you off or slowdown and let someone ahead of you in any sort of line. You become the nice guy and in a way I think you take power away from the assholes that always want to be “first”. Even if it is first in line at a stoplight.  We have all been there waiting to turn left or merge on a freeway and no one will let you in. Be the person that lets some one into traffic. Let the idiot/moron go and get ahead of you because those are the people that cause accidents.  You are allowed to rant and rave at the stupidity. But you having nothing to prove out on the highways except getting from A to B without getting into a crash.  Who cares if you are correct when your vehicle is totaled and some moron that made crash happen has no insurance?  You care! so don’t b aggressive driving, don’t think you will teach them a lesson. Those people are assholes and should be avoided at all times. 

I literally saw a kid park his bike in an handicap car parking spot and block people from that spot.  This was not a handicapped kid though an idiot because he could have parked the bike in zone for a wheel chair, on a sidewalk while he search/played with his cell phone. Nope this 18-20 year old kid parked his bike in a handicap parking spot.  Don’t be this person! 

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