The 3 sisters bed is looking sad. Shopping!

Not looking good for the 3 sisters bed got planted just in time for lots of rain to overwhelm the corn stalks.  It was timing of the rain rather than the amount of rain though we got a lot of rain.  I will add some more of the fast growing Bantam sweet corn in hopes that I’ll have corn stalks for the pole beans to climb. Adjusting to what Mama nature throws at you is part of having a garden.  I’m a little disappointed but I’m adapting the garden beds to work with the weather when the weather gets “wonky”.

I had a good shopping day getting plenty of hamburger and butter to add to the freezer.  Do not use a Food saver bag to freeze Bread products.  Even with pre-freezing all of the air is sucked out of the bread product and you end up with a compressed disc of baked dough that is not good for eating.  I tried the food saver with store bought bagels and got the same result.  The Foodsaver bins might work for freezing bread products as the walls protect the product while sucking out the air that can encourage mold.  At this time I recommend zip lock freezer bags for any backed goods that can’t stand up to a good smashing out of all air.

I got a few good sales this week on some beef hamburger, steaks and butter.   While the Food saver are less than optimal for bagging and freezing bread.  Food saver vacuum packaging is great for freezing meats.  I’m seeing shortages and rising prices at my local grocery stores.  It’s not that you can afford to buy an item. That item may not be available to buy for any price.  Brazil is in a drought and agricultural products like coffee are in short supply.  If you prefer tea to coffee look at where tea grows and it not the USA.

Don’t freak out as the USA still grows a lot of grains and animals though timing to get good buys will be a thing.  Look to buy Items/products that can’t be grown in the USA but you would like to have in your pantry.  The USA can’t grow coffee at a large scale.  Hawaii might as well be another country as it is dependent on shipping.  Tea, nope not a lot of large scale tea growing happening in the USA.  Chocolate,  nope not much growing in the USA.  Sugar is doable as the USA can grow sugar cane and sugar beets.  I can’t say the price will be cheap, but sugar of some sort should be available.

I have lived on the beans and rice diet for 6 weeks and while filling it was not fun.  I spent several months not buying beef in 2011 because it was to expensive and I craved hamburger and not steak for just a taste of beef.  I missed salty snacks even saltine crackers.  While your food storage might sustain you in calories and a good mix of carbo/proteins. I think you will want a few snacks stored,  like buttery popcorn, chips and cracker that will help food fatigue.

Food for pets and stocking up.  I can make a good “wet” dog food via my pantry.  I’m a little iffy about making “wet” cat food.  I figure if I store a high quality dry dog and cat food the critters should be make up my lack of nutrients.  Don’t forget your pets when you are prepping.

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