Mowed the back yard and finished kindling rack roof.

I had planned to let my back yard lawn are get a little over grown to encourage the grass to start filling in bare patches in the lawn. It worked a little bit but I’ll need to reseed the lawn to get it filled in with grass.  Over all I think seeding grass in the fall was a good idea. While I have a few bare patches seeding in the fall has been more effective compared to grass seeding in the spring.  Dog poo will kill grass. so you need to remove it if you want the grass to grow.  I’ve not used a poo picker upper tool.  I use a large dust pan, a small rake or kitty litter scoop.  I don’t want to spend $25.00 for a popper scooper that won’t work on a lawn. 

The weather has been wild here in SW Idaho.  We had a dry Spring and here in may it was 60 degrees highs with a hard rain for several days and next week it is forecasted to be over 95 degrees + with no rain, next week.  My melons and corn took a beating with the rain and the Japanese radishes look like a bust as the bolted already in MAY.  I got my first Pink Beauty radish out of the patio garden box and it was great!  A little bite of heat but very mild, not at all “woody” in texture and the radish did not bolt like the other radish seeds.   So far the Rocky Mountain mix of lettuces looks good and has handled the extra rain and the wonky temps of this year.  The starter melons are a bust but I did not “harden” the plants before planting in the garden beds.  I have set back a little cash to buy plants from a nursery just in case my starter plants failed.  I’m not displeased with my starter plants failing.  I’m just learning more about gardening.  

I finished up the roof over the kindling box using the Cedar fencing. While I wouldn’t use the Cedar fencing for building a home, it seems quite adequate for garden bed side walls or walls and roofing for a kindling box. If you use good lumber for the “bones” of the structure. Cedar fencing can be sand to a nice smooth finish if you are looking for a material to line a closet.

Inflation is happening and some thing you must buy to do your the things you want to get done. I bought battery power tools to help do the work I needed to get done. With my simple drill, impact drill and pin nailer and saw. I finished up a good size kindling box in under an hour. Tools are cheap, energy both physical and produced can be expensive.

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