I bought plants as some of my starters were a bust. Landscaping stuff. INFLATION

I bought some honey dew and cantaloupe to replace my less than stellar starter plants. I don’t think I treated the roots gently enough when I transplanted along with the NO hardening off of the starter plants I had a some failures in the beds.  I’m going to add the bought melons and start some Sugar Baby watermelons from seed. The Sugar babies need 95 days but I should have time to spare as the first fall frost date is  8 October. My direct sown seeds have done okay but I’m still learning the difference between theory and practice. 

The weather has been brutal for me. Going from a week of 60 degree F. highs to 100 degrees F. the next week and then a  week of mid 70 degrees F.  is tough for all critters and plants to adjust too the quick changes of heat. I got some canvas tarps to help protect the raised beds from the direct sun and it helped keep the the plants from wilting in the heat. I’m holding off planting the tomatoes and pepper starts until the weekend when the temp. starts dropping back to the 80- mid 70 degree area. 

Mom and I missed out on the Home Depot Scott’s Earth Gro mulch but it might have been a blessing in disguise.  I have used the Scott’s mulch and like the product in the past but the bags are 1.5 cu. ft. rather than 2 cu. ft. and the reviews for this years product are very negative.  From color fading to people saying they get wood dust rather than wood mulch.  I can’t say if these reviews are truthful but Scott’s Earth Gro mulch got much better reviews last year. 

I went to Lowes and bought a few bags of their brown mulch and it seems unchanged as the bags are still 2 cu. ft. and the color is the same as the stuff I bought this Spring and the stuff I put done in the alley way last year.  The price was a little higher compared to Home Depot but I would rather pay a higher price for consistent quality and quantity.  Rather than get a cheap knock off of brand name I trusted because “Marketing” a sale. 

I bought some more pea gravel from the local True value store for the bird feeding area.   I like the rock in the bird feeding area better than mulch as the birds are messy eaters and some seed will always sprout around bird feeders. I think it is easier to spray vinegar weed killer on rocks rather than on mulch as an efficient weed killer.  Plus birds need to scratch among rocks to fill their crops to help digest grains.  I have no Humming birds feeding so far this year.  I set up the feeder this Spring so it might be the Fall until the little birds find this new source of nectar. 

We are seeing higher prices due to some lag in the Supply chain trying to catch up after the Covid shut down.  You can’t just snap your fingers and have new sawmills start cutting more wood or sawyers going into the forest or trucks to haul those materials. I find it a bit odd that Russian hackers have attacked a regional gas/oil pipe line one week and then other Russian hackers attack a meat production facilities that supplies about 20% of all meat processing in the USA and Australia.  I’m not a big Conspiracy theorist but it seems a bit odd that the USA and Australia are  hit with ransom ware attacks focused on food and energy supplies.  

I have been telling people to store meats for the last six months because inflation is coming and  it is here in the USA for whatever reason it has/is happening.  Cat food seems to be limited supply as I see empty shelves in stores that didn’t have empty shelves after the initial Covid hoarder rush.  I am about getting all the sales I can,  but my freezer is full so I’m not worried about a short-term disruption in store supplies. 

Prepping is a process and it is best to identify your week areas before the supply chain breaks down or money gets tight. I suspect we will see some stores rationing purchases that happen in 2011 during the Arab Spring.  But I did not anticipate the massive devaluation of the dollar just 5 moths into the Biden administration.  

Do you trust your government to do the correct thing? 

2 Responses to I bought plants as some of my starters were a bust. Landscaping stuff. INFLATION

  1. Patti Gregston Cruce says:

    I do not trust the government to do the right thing. Stack it high.

    • Jamie says:

      Patti : I can’t imagine why you would not trust the government when they have always been honest and forthright with the truth.

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