Cool down and some fun stuff

I installed the portable A/ C unit when I could not cool the house down over night. I kept it about 75 degrees F. for most of the day and for a smallish portable unit, it did a good job keeping the front part of the house comfortable.  I have moved and adjusted my fans and I seemed to hit a “sweet spot” using the fans to blow cool air up from the basement into the back part of the house. Not a replacement for an Air Conditioner but it is amazing how much difference blowing that cool air from the basement makes in cooling the back side of the house. 

About the only problem I have is when I sleep as I prefer a much cooler temp. when I sleep, even in winter my bedroom is about 60-65 degrees F. though the woodfire has the rest of the house a toasty 75+ degrees F. I don’t like to wake up to freezing cold but 55-65 degrees is comfortable and with my wood stove that is easy to maintain overnight. 

If I can cool my house down to about 60-65 degrees F. overnight I can get by with out any air conditioning.  But even in high desert that is not always possible so the months of July and August tend to be my highest electrical cost/bills. 

I went to the local farmer’s market in Mom’s town and had a blast. It was a small market as it is small town but Mom found a new local honey supplier and we got some great food. I never tried Chahala Bread ( I hope that is the correct spelling)t Mom and I split a loaf and my gosh was that good bread!  We bought a more snacks and local crafts and it was fun. 

On the way home, I stopped at a local ranch that sells grass feed beef and bought a “sampler pack” with some hamburger, sirloin steaks and a few other cuts of meats. This is not cheap meat! But I am finding the meat I have been buying in stores the last couple of months is dropping in quality and taste.  I literally threw away about 1.5 pounds of 85/15 supposedly fresh ground hamburger because it just tasted incredibly bland.  Like all the flavor of beef had been removed.  I might as well have cooked some sort of Vegan hamburger wanna be meat meat product. 

There are tons of recipes for tasty vegetables and grains. Why are meat and dairy substitute such a big thing for you?  Humans are omnivores, meat is an efficient transfer of vitamins , amino acids and minerals.  Last question to the Vegans.  Why do you care about what other people eat?  I don’t care about what you eat even though you are killing  to eat, just like other creature on this planet.  Enough pontificating on to the fun stuff…

I’m looking for furniture to replaced the oversized living room I bought 17 years ago.  I spent a few bucks to get this furniture but I did not realize how it fit in a small room.  The room is not getting any bigger nor is the furniture getting any smaller. I found a website that has new furniture that looks like it will fit the space and have the look I want but I want to buy from second hand stores or yard sales if I can find what I want at a good price. 

I have cleared one wall from all furniture and I will paint and add some new molding I make.  It will probably bit a bit of a mess as I learn how to use a router via youtube.  Learning new stuff tends to be a little bit messy with a lot of trial and error.  Practice makes perfect but you have to know what you want to practice. 

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