Summer is here with 100 degree F. temps

The heat has been tough on the transplanted raspberries and the plants are a bit wilted.  I’m having to resist the urge to water the plants, as I have read that raspberries don’t like “wet feet”.  I have set up a little white canvas tarp to protect the plants from the sun during the hottest part of the day.  After just a couple of days the Heritage berries seem to be recovering the quickest but they also had a little protection from the sun.  I have reached into the soil and it was cool and slightly moist but not wet.  Mu next step is to add a bit of mulch to the containers and then just hope my plant first aid will give the raspberry plants time to recover from the transplant shock.  I soaked the roots of the berry plants for about an hour before planting them in a 50/50 mix of bagged compost to organic soil mix. 

I finally got got some work done on the front yard and sprayed the 30% vinegar on some of the weeds in the front yard.  I sprained my knee when I was moving furniture around so I have to slow down and not attack the yard work quite as exuberantly as I would like. The temps have not helped with that as I am trying to get as much done in the early part of the day but the knee is a bit of bother to work around.  Needless to say I have fallen a little bit behind in weeding some of the garden beds as kneeling and squatting with a sore knee is not much fun.

I installed the bedroom Air Conditioner as I can’t cool the house overnight in 100 degree heat during the day and it only cools down to about 70 degrees F. at night.  I know I sleep better at night in a cool room.  The window A/C units are not as efficient as most whole house units.  I just don’t have an extra $5,000-$10,000 dollars to spend on on a new/efficient A/C  installation.  I have been reading about the new mini-split systems and those might be a good choice for me as my house is only 1200 sq. ft. and a couple of mini split units would probably heat/cool my home especially since I added a new roof, a little extra insulation with siding install and all new double pained windows. 

I have a new project I can do indoors when it get to hot to work outside this summer. I’m painting the walls.  I bought up a lot of semi-gloss paint a couple of years ago to paint the walls but the only room I painted was the small bathroom.  I loved how the little bathroom looked with the new paint job and the semi-gloss withstands a washing unlike many flat latex paints.  I’m only doing a wall section per day. While not that efficient of a goal a wall a day works with my energy level.  I’m using True Value paint as I have been very pleased with the results plus they keep track of the colors I have bought/used so getting an extra can of paint in matching color is at the store. 

If you decide to paint in sections you must have tin foil to wrap your brushes and rollers so you don’t have to clean/replace them when the are full of paint.  We are talking about a few days not a couple of weeks or months.  If you don’t think you have enough time to paint a room in a day tinfoil is your friend to protect rollers and brushes from drying out.  Last but not least buy good quality brushes and rollers.  Your average cheap brushes will literally shed bristles while you paint.  Take your time and have clean up rags handy and you will get a good paint job. 

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