Heat wave, clean up and prepping for power outages

We have at least another 10 days of 100 degree F days in the forecast. While it is a dry heat with little humidity so does an oven. I got out early to get some cleanup done in the garden area. Mostly cutting back some of the grape vines that are next to the 3 sisters garden bed and cleaning up the raspberry plants.

The 3 sisters bed squash and pole beans are doing okay but the corn has been a failure. Most of the failures have been my fault but it sure did not help having a heat wave start building just as I was getting those beds growing. The raspberry plants are looking sad. I have trimmed back all the brown and wilted leaves and I am watering the plants more often and making sure the plants are getting water down to the roots. One of the raspberry plants that looked bad has started bouncing back since I am watering more often during the week. I don’t expect any berries this year but the more plants that make it into fall. I’ll consider the raspberry experiment a success.

We had a bad wind storm blow through last week and while I had a good size limb drop in the back yard my neighbors had a tree lay over and hit their house. It really sucks for them as they had a bunch of the unhealthy trees cut down this spring and this supposedly healthy tree just laid over in the wind storm and it looks like the tree broke at the base or the roots just let go!

I got out the little chains saw and cut up the walnut branch that fell into the lawn. Not a very big limb but I can cut the limb into small chunks firewood in the future. While I had the chainsaw out I got a couple of the overgrown Lilac “trunks” cut down and into the trashcan. I’m not cutting down all of the lilacs as I love the smell from the blossoms in spring but I’ll be cutting back trees and runners so the remaining lilacs can breathe and not compete against each other for growing space.

I got an early start on the days projects and good thing as it was over 90 degrees + by about 11:00 am and the temp just kept climbing! I am so glad I got all of the A/C units installed for Mom and myself before this heat wave really hit so hard this week. I am a little concerned we will see some brown outs/blackouts because of the electrical load with people trying to stay cool. While a heat wave isn’t a storm, a power outage can be a minor inconvenience or a health threatening disaster.

I got most of my small electronic items all charged up. I have a couple of small solar panels that should keep them going if the power goes out. I still need to double check the power level of my small battery banks but I have charged up all of my Ryobi batteries that power a couple of small fans that can pump water to misters which are very good at cooling the back patio.

I have some space in the small freezer for another block of Ice to help fill the freezer and give me more time to adjust if the power goes out. I have a couple of generators for running the Freezers and at least my bedroom air conditioner for a couple of days if the power goes out but I need to double check all my extension cords and make sure everything runs safely without over loading. I’m still working on getting all of the house cleaning done but the laundry is all caught up and I have clothing ready to last a couple of weeks. I can cook out side so I don’t heat up the house.

I recommend anyone east of the Pacific Northwest prep for this heat wave to hit you in the very near future. Weather in the USA can be be crazy but it generally moves from the west to the east. I assume this heat will hit you folks in the Midwest pretty darn soon and you all have much higher humidity compared to us west of the Rocky Mts. Get those ice blocks now and add them to your freezer. Buy gasoline, propane and oil for those generators and outdoor grills and test those items before there is a rush on those items. A small widow A/C unit or portable air conditioner can be run buy a generator. A Household Heat pump/ Air conditioner takes a lot of power that a lot of people can’t afford. A couple hundred dollars for a small A/C unit and a small generator for about $500.00 and is doable given a bit of warning/prep time. All of this prep will pay off long term as prepping for a power outage for whatever reason is pretty much the same thing every time.

A couple of good things happened to me this last week. I finally bought a replacement garage door opener for $122.00 from Lowes and it is the Dumb model to replace my old Garage door opener. I saw my first little hummingbird drink at the little bird feeding station I setup.

It seems we are going to get a long hot summer and I have no advice other than keep working your plan. I think most of my garden will fail because of some failures by me but this heat wave is really destroying my garden. Mama nature can be tough to work with for many reasons. I’m getting ready plant starts for a fall harvest and see how that works out this year. I have some volunteer squash plants that are growing out side of my garden beds that are doing outstanding! Don’t give up on getting more prepared and self reliant. All that you do just stacks the odds a bit more in your favor. If it was easy everyone would prep.

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