Happy Birthday America and week 3 of the 100 degree + heat wave.

It is good to see that many people are celebrating the 4th.  Plus many people are pushing back against the “Powers that Be” telling us Americans what we can and can’t do with our lives.  Things are getting tougher but Tough times tend to make people stronger so I'[m a little optimistic seeing the push back and folks reclaiming their rights.

Did any of you see the what the government thinks is a Forth of July BBQ menu that is 16 cents cheaper than 2020 4th of July menu.  My Gosh there were no Buns of any sort, no fruits, no veggies, no condiments, no freaking corn on the cob.  A skillet full of crumbled hamburger, some pork chops, pork and beans and potato salad.  This is what the US government considers a Celebratory menu 4th of July BBQ for us serfs.

I know many folks can’t afford steaks but what is a BBQ without Hamburgers with buns, Hot dogs with buns, chopped onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, relish. I like pork chops but where are the ribs and brisket the BBQ chicken?  Where is the melons and I don’t consider generic vanilla ice cream a holiday desert.  There is no way I could say what the USA government calls a 4th of July meal even a good normal meal.  Certainly not a holiday meal.  This shows me just how stupid Washington DC thinks of the citizens. That we will believe food prices are lower and what they propose is a good meal for the 4th of July.

I’m not saying you have to spend a lot of money to make a nice 4th of July holiday menu.  But we all know food costs are going up and what the government considers a good menu and there is no food inflation costs is laughable.

I changed the position of my Portable A/C unit to my living room and the move went much better than I expected for cooling the front part of my house.  It helped that I cleaned out the filter that was very dirty and all of the side and rear vents.  I dropped the ball on cleaning out those vents on the portable unit and it was so dirty, it is amazing the unit cooled at all. I have had about a 6-10 degree drop in the temperature in the front part of my house since moving/cleaning up the A/C unit.

I have added some thermal reflective barrier panels to my south facing windows to block some of the afternoon sun.  While my windows are new and do a good job blocking the heat this heat wave is one of the longest  I have seen in in SW Idaho and every little bit helps.

The weather forecast is another 10 + more days of 100 degree F. of heat and it isn’t even August that tends to be the hottest/Dog days of summer.  So it looks like we will have at least a months worth of 100 degree heat with very little cooling at night.

Most of my garden beds are toast, but some of the melons, squash and strangely some of lettuce plants are going strong. I have been using soaker hoses on these beds and the plants seem to be doing better compared to the beds that I use a sprinkler to water as most of those plants have bolted or outright failed to grow in this heat.  Mom’s new garden beds that are protected by the Agribon frost cloth seem to be handling the heat, but she has a bug problem with some of the squash plants.  Gardening might be simple but that does not mean it easy because the weather is completely out of your control and that is a big thing that affects your garden.  I’m going to focus on starting and growing plants for a fall harvest as this summer garden is a bust.

There is always more to do. I let things go in my front yard and it was an Physical workout trying to clean up, weed wack and mow the front yard.  I moved a few things around for a new work area in the house. Goodness knows I need to get more painting done.  But I have got a lot of things cleaned up and moving towards getting rid of clutter.  It was much easier moving the A/C unit to the living room since I removed the oversized furniture.  One step/project at a time and I’ll get things working better.  At least for a time.

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