100 +degrees F. I’m painting indoors and OMG huge crook neck squash!

My squash is growing like crazy and the plants are about 4 and 1/2 to 5 feet tall. I got one crook neck squash that is about 10 inches around that was growing at the top of the plant. I think I’ll use this squash for seed. While my (normal beds) did not do very well in the heat the squash and pole beans of the 3 sisters bed have done better than I expected.

I’m going to clean out my (normal beds) and start some crops for fall harvest. I’m focusing on cole crops I start indoors through a few weeks in August and hope for cool conditions and enough days to get some Brussel Sprouts, some different types of cabbages and some root crops. I don’t care for the Black soaker hoses as the crack and don’t maintain a consistent soak for the garden beds. I’m adding in a flat green soaker hose that is a bit thicker and sprays water more consistently.

The heat has been brutal on my front lawn. Between the bugs the weeds and the heat the lawn is looking awful. I was not pro-active staying ahead of the bugs and heat as it seemed all I could do is try and keep up with the daily stuff. The backyard lawn area did take a beating but where I sowed grass last fall has filled in better than I expected. I have a lot of work to do this fall getting the lawn back into good shape after this heat wave.

I got to painting the living room with the semi-gloss paint. I don’t have the stamina to paint the room in a day or two so I’m doing a section of wall an afternoon/evening. I try to cut in first then use a roller to fill in the large sections of wall. I recommend using a semi-gloss paint as it is much easier to clean as many latex paints literally come off the wall when you clean them with just normal soap and water. I’m using the Color “Dover White” I got from True Value. It is a very white paint but it does not seem to be a “hospital/sterile” white paint. Mom likes the look of the paint and that is good as I have a little color blindness. Nothing crazy, but I sometimes have a problem detecting tones or mixing pastel colors especially blues and yellows. I think my colorblindness makes me go for bold/vibrant colors using muted greys, whites or black so attractive to me as I can’t have a color clash.

I love my new couch and the neighbors that haled most of my old furniture but kept the big rolling ottoman are happy with the trade off. While I loved my old furniture I like how spacious the living room feels now. I can bookcases and bring out chairs that have been stuck in backrooms simply because I had no space for those items. . Of course I need to finish painting the walls.

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