My first Humming bird!

Today was the first time I saw a Humming bird try and take a drink at my feeders.  I had sort of given up on seeing any of the little birds coming to feed the last couple of weeks but I made up a new batch of sugar water for the feeders.  From what I understand the Males tend to be the first feeders during the migrations following the seasons.  It seems if the birds are showing up they are looking for a quick and easy meal.  I wonder if the new hanging baskets of flowers are helping to attract the birds to the feeders? 

I found a new supplier of the frost fabric for gardens and Sunshade panels. The price looks very good but I will have to wait and see how good the quality is before I give out the name of the company.  I bought a thicker material weight of this “frost fabric” protective to 26 degrees F. compared the the lightest weight Agribon cloth rated to about 28-30 degrees F. That is not a dig at the Agribon cloth as it held up well over 2 seasons.  The first season was a lot of trial and error on my part learning how to use frost cloth to protect my garden beds.  I have found draping frost cloth over my raised garden beds works as good as my “temporary fencing” at keeping out  my cats and dogs.  Not 100% effective but much better than not blocking off the garden beds at all. 

I like how the the “frost cloth” helps contain the over spray of water by some soaker hoses.  If you are using a drip watering system it does not matter but if you use soaker hoses get the thicker flat hoses rather than the cheap black hoses that spring massive leaks and usually won’t survive one summer season of watering garden bed.  There seems to be a reason that the only soaker hoses left on the shelves in July is the poor quality black soaker hoses. 

We have a few rain/thunder storms moving through the area. So I covered up the latest fire wood purchase with some tarps. I have left most of this year’s fire wood exposed to the hot summer weather to encourage the wood to dry and season.  Fire wood that is dry is firewood that burns clean and works most efficient in a wood stove.  I would recommend you start filling for kindling box.  I mean a big box at least 3 feet tall 3 feet wide an about 18-20 inches deep.  Cutting kindling in the cool morning hours in Fall beats trying to cut kindling in January to start a fire.  Having more kindling on hand than you use is not a bad thing. 

I will not take this “Experimental vaccine”.   I have had Guillume Barre Syndrome and live with the chronic  version labeled CIDP. I am 100% disabled and can not work a normal job because of this disability.  I spent 3 months in a VA Extended care unit. I was so weak that I could not pull on socks or my own underwear.  I could not take a bath without a nurse present and block and tackle to lower me into a tub.  Heaven to me was I could lift 2 cups of water into a small coffee maker and make myself a cup of coffee.  I ain’t doing that again and I know my Mom won’t let me do that again. 

Bring on the Delta Variant!  It seems to be a milder case of the Covid-19.  It seems a very survivable cold/flu and it seems to grant covid immunity better than the vaccines.  I’m not seeing a lot of downside to the delta variant of covid-19. I’m not saying take any vaccine or refuse to take any vaccine. You should weigh the cost and benefits for yourself. 

I trust you to make the best decision for yourself and family.  You might be incorrect,  but you made the choice with the best info you had at the time. 

2 Responses to My first Humming bird!

  1. Emily Summer says:

    No need to justify your decision.

    • Jamie says:

      Emily: Not justification just explaining my decision. If any on wants to know what GB is like comment I’ll be happy to describe what happen to me.

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