Adding in REAL food and some tummy troubles.

I have been focusing on adding food of all sorts from local suppliers.  I think adding in Raw milk and using a local butcher shop with less processed meats might have led to my tummy “troubles”.   I did not try to change my diet. I just wanted to add some REAL foods that I could not buy at the local Mega-mart but I could buy locally.  

All I can say is my tummy and digestive track was not happy with me changing my diet from Supermarket foods to locally grown, grass fed meats, some fresh veggies and raw milk.  I think a person that suddenly decided to use only whole wheat after only using white processed flour products might have a good idea of the unpleasant cramps and lower bowel movement issues.  So I had about 3 very uncomfortable and unpleasant days as my body started adjusting to natural foods. 

A good Ginger ale made with natural ingredients really helped dealing with the bloating, cramps and mitigate the tummy troubles but drinking soda almost makes my teeth ache with all the sugar sweetness.  I did not anticipate any tummy troubles from just adding a large glass of raw milk per day or adding in grass fed meats and buying fresh vegies at a local farmer’s market stand. 

No I did not get sick from E.coli, Salmonella or some sort of infection.  My body just was not used to to dealing with unprocessed/overly processed foods.  I’m just letting folks know that a few “tummy troubles” might happen if you change your diet to locally grown products or starting to drink raw milk.

Okay now for the good news about drinking raw milk!  Both myself and my Mom have noticed we don’t feel the need to munch or snack after having a glass of milk with our breakfast.  Mom as more of a “sweet tooth” and I tend to prefer salty snacks.  Both of have noticed since we started drinking Raw milk those snack cravings have eased/ gone away.   I think it is because the milk fat in whole milk satisfies much of the body’s cravings for “fat” but in a way that is healthy for the body. 

My garden has not done well in the heat we got in SW Idaho except for my squash plants that have gone insane.   I had one corn stalk survive but I have a pole bean climbing it so the 3 sister garden is a success as a (proof of concept). I found some Baby bok choy in a garden bed  I sort of wrote off from the summer heat. 

30% vinegar will kill off goathead/puncture vines directly. Spraying alkali soil that support goat heads with vinegar will limit the production of goathead weeds. I worked on the Morning Glory weeds and it seems weed wacking the Morning glory first and then spraying the vinegar works the best for me. the morning glory is trying to come back so it will take some more spray downs with vinegar. I won’t use any sort of Round up sort of product as it kills not only the weeds but the soil and in the Spring you have to spray again to keep the weeds away. You are better off to to mulch amend soil and find plant you want on hand rather than give money to a mega-corp that destroys plant ecosystems as much as the might help cooperate/ Big-Agri companies.

Don’t go to any mega-mart but find folk local to you that grow food. Check out if they are clean and practice basic sanitation protocols. Grow what you can in your own garden but also buy from local suppliers what you can’t grow. Don’t assume you have been infected because your are eating real natural foods and you have a bit of tummy trouble as your body gets used to a new diet. We mix new foods that we introduce to our pets to mitigate any problems. You should mitigate the issues of introducing new foods to your diet. I had a a bit of a bad time with this but 3 days of being uncomfortable is worth my new diet to me.


2 Responses to Adding in REAL food and some tummy troubles.

  1. Emily Summer says:

    Try taking a probiotic or making yogurt from the raw milk. We had no problem when we switched to raw milk.

    • Jamie says:

      Emily I think I would have had “problems” any way because I eliminated a lot of processed foods. But I will keep that in mind as I restart my milk drinking.

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