Adding in some work arounds and more cleanup but inside the house.

My Raw milk provider cow can’t provide milk for sale.  I can’t complain as the gal has been outstanding and it is Mama Nature that is control of any milk production.  I found another couple of Raw milk producers to use while my primary supplier is working on  “production issues”.  

I have checked out some new suppliers of local produce and other products to help fill up the freezer or can with local produce and meats. While not as  cheap as buying stuff at your local mega-mart, I think the quality and taste makes buying local a good buy.  If the state or Federal government decide to lock down stores I have local suppliers that might keep me supplied and not make unpleasant demands just to buy their products. 

I finally put together the daybed I brought home from Germany back in 2003.  I lost some of the hardware but found a small work around to get the day bed built and ready to go.  I have a bedroom that Mom used while she was going through her divorce but My old cat has taken over that bedroom and the cat does not use the cat box all the time and has peed on the mattress.  While I have added some water resistant materials to protect the mattress it has not been 100% effective and I would not expect anyone to sleep on a mattress that a cat peed on even after trying to clean up the mess. 

The cat is getting old and has been a great cat.  I will keep cleaning up after the cat as she ages as long as she is comfy and shows no sign of pain.  Of course I’m not going to make my Mom sleep on a bed that has a cat peed on and the mattress was getting a bit old and less than comfortable. I moved most of the beer bottles into the basement and I’ll move the beer making buckets into the basement to free up some shelving in the bedrooms.  While not perfect, I have been amazed how moving stuff around with a plan has made the living quarters nicer in the short-term. 

I still need one more good bra so I can get to the 2 weeks/14 days without using the washer.  Sure I could wash my undies in a sink but if I can avoid that issue, why wouldn’t I try and avoid it?  I’m just one person.  I can’t imagine how tough it would be going with out a washing machine or detergent if you have kids.  I spent a  little over a week without running water and it was tough moving  and heating  5 gallons + of water  by hand.  Every thing is Simple but it is the simple things that are hard. 


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