First milk delivery and ordered some beef

Got my first milk delivery today and was a bit surprised to find the milk on the porch at 7:30 AM. The milk bottles were in an insulated bag and still cold so the delivery worked out great.  My biggest cost was the deposits on the bottles and bag for the delivery but that should be a one time only cost getting the deliveries started.  

I ordered 1 bottle of milk for Mom and 2 bottles for me and chose a 2 week delivery schedule. For Mom I’ll transfer the milk into a 1/2 gallon jar and freeze it since she will have to get the milk from me when she comes into town.  I might end up freezing some of my milk in jars during the 2 week delivery schedule but I have plenty of pint and 1/2 gallon jars for that task.

I really missed having my glass of whole real milk every day. Both Mom and I noticed that adding the real milk to our diets we did not get the munchies through out the day plus we both were sleeping better at night.  My body seems to be adjusting faster since my little break from the raw milk because I added some feta cheese to my scrambled eggs that is supposed to have the probiotics to help your gut process foods effectively.  

If you live in Southern Idaho and are looking for Raw milk, Reed’s Dairy delivers to a lot of cities/towns.  

Reed’s Dairy, Boise
PO Box 16683 Boise, ID, 83715
Tel: 208-562-8885 | Email:

I set up the order for beef from Valli-Hi Angus for the middle of September. The price of the beef is a little higher than the mega-mart but the quality is higher and it is a local supplier.  I’m seeing some empty shelves in the larger mega-marts and inflation is starting to affect prices dramatically and I believe this is only the beginning of inflation and more shortages. Crazy weather, supply disruptions and rising cost will affect everyone.  I think it is best that a person starts looking for local suppliers and start stocking up on products you know you will need in the future.  I went to a little market and got some raw milk to get me going again and the organic and locally grown produce was about the same price I paid in Albertsons.  Yes those items are seasonal but it shows as prices go up at the mega-stores, locally produced items become more competitive in price. 

I did a little shopping trip to the local Bi-Mart store and got a good deal on the Foodsaver rolls and paraffin wax I use to make fire starters for the wood stove. I got a bic lighter 5 pack for under $5.00 and some bedding pads to catch moisture. Honestly they were basically the same as puppy training pads but I got 60 pads for $7.00 when the puppy training pads were 50 for $10.88.  Sometimes substitutions for products that are almost the same thing can have wildly different prices depending on how they are marketed.

Last but not least I added a few more items to the front bedroom to make it a little bit homey.  Mom has a minor day surgery coming up and she will be spending at least a night here at “casa de chaos” and I want her to feel comfortable.  It has also motivated me to get the front bedroom more functional rather than just being a giant catch all for stuff. 

I stopped by the Family dollar and picked some blackout curtains and got them hung in the room.  I am surprised just how much hanging those curtains softened as well as made the room not feel like just a work or storage room. It became a place for living and doing stuff.  It might seem silly but the room seems full of potential rather than just four walls.  

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