A few twinges but feeling pretty good today

I’m feeling the change in the weather from summer going into fall. One very nice thing is how quickly it cools down at night.  I have not had to use the A/C unit to cool the house down as window fans do a great job bringing in cool air and the house stays cool through out most of the day.  There are few days of hot weather (95 degrees +) coming up and I’m keeping the small window unit installed just incase it get to warm to sleep but I suspect it is getting close to pull the A/C unit out for the year. 

For next summer I have bought a lot of shade cloths and some Agriborn type fabrics that should help mitigate the heat if we have another hot summer. I really missed  having the “frost” fabric to drape over my garden beds that stopped pets, bugs, added some sun protection as well as contain all of the water irrigation in my garden beds.  I’m adding the sun/heat protection at the end of the season because the items are on sale but it is like when I added all the winter products after Snowmeggedon.  It is a type of insurance that you can have on hand when/if the same sort of conditions happen again you are ready for them and somehow things don’t seem as difficult to handle after you have those tools. I know a hot dry summer in a desert is not a disaster but more part of the the natural cycle but it was a small disaster for my garden. I was a little discouraged but I learned a lot about new tools and ways to mitigate a hot dry summer for my garden beds. For example: PVC pipe for making frames to hold shade cloth of plastic fencing are easy to build and can be put up or taken down or changed if the conditions change. 

I’m also thrilled I got my older windows 7 PC box up and working.  Windows 10 is okay but I don’t care for how it needs to “talk” to Microsoft to work or how you can’t really choose what updates to install.  I would not have installed Windows 10 except newer AMD Motherboards don’t make drivers to support Win 7.  Personally I’d use Windows XP as an Operating software if I could use it with new CPU”s, GPU’s and motherboards.   Now  Microsoft is introducing another OS that requires more memory, beeffier CPU’s in an economy that has a major chip shortage and while I’m not a Guru most of the OS is about making stuff look pretty rather than focus on function. At the end of the day you have to ask  “Does this tool do what you want?”

There are literally parking lots full of vehicles sitting around not being sold because of a computer chip shortage.  Some of the shortage is due to engine updates but a lot is due to so called entertainment consoles or Navigation protocols, HD cameras for backing up or parallel parking.  I suck at parallel parking.  I simply drive to place that does not require that type of parking and walk and I use a walker!  I can do a couple of blocks with my walker and if you use a scooter or electric wheel chair you can can cover at least a mile or 6 city blocks.  I have a an old Kia Mini van and the remote opening of doors is very cool and I’d love to have it, but I like having a car that does not need a software update just to drive from point A to point B. 

Things are getting so silly we are almost to the point of the old joke that if Microsoft built cars…. is reality. 

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