Another freezer full

I picked up the beef today. It was sold as 1/8th of of beef but I got to choose what cuts I wanted within reason. I got a good mix of high end cuts, some roasts, lots of burger along with some bones for the doggo and making bone broth. While not cheap I actually got a bit more meat than I expected and the small freezer is so full I don’t think I could add an Ice cream bar and still close the lid.

I have some freezer space for stuff as I added Ice blocks this summer to fill any empty space and as a backup just in case the power went out to have some time to set up the generator to power the freezers during a power outage.

The local market did not have corn but I got a big bag of Green beans that I can freeze using Food saver bags. I have a bit of freezer space for my latest purchaces but I may have to move around the Ice blocks to add more food to the freezers. If you want to preserve green beans in a freezer recipe… I blanch the beans for about 4 minutes , cool in a ice water bath and then bag the beans in via Foodsaver bags and freeze. The taste and texture of the beans will knock the socks off of any canned or frozen green beans you can buy at your local mega mart.

Speaking of the local mega mart I bought Mom 13 pounds of some chicken thighs and pork chops I bought for a dollar per pound. I got myself some of the chicken and pork to freeze. I’m not saying anyone should buy organic or only local stores especially if you have a limited food budget. Speaking for myself I usually went for meats on sale that were of average or better quality. I think once you have the basics of dry goods on hand you should start making some local connections to get higher quality food even on a small scale. You don’t have to practice being miserable. Life itself will try and make your life miserable without any input from you.

I think about food prep as a staircase. 1st step is your basic beans and rice. It’s boring but you can survive on it.

2nd step: Adding , snacks and those want to haves. It does not have to expensive a 12 pound bag of pop corn is cheap and you can buy an air popper for a couple of bucks at a yard sale or 2nd hand store. Fun size candy bars are in every dollar store so you can satisify your sweet tooth. I can only speak for myself but I lived on beans and rice for 6 weeks and I would have committed some mayhem for a bag of potato chips during that time. It seems a bit silly to say but you should store what ever snacks you want to have on hand. It’s your money and your preps.

You should prep for you and perhaps your family first! What I do for preps may not work for you but I think my basic preps is a good starting point. You can stock a freezer full of Rib eyes and a liquor cabinet full of top shelf liquor to trade/supply/ cook for the local politicians/warlords and I have no idea if that is the correct choice.

Last but not least if your a peeved how things are going in the USA and most of the west the most powerful thing you can do is to walkaway. Not protest, sadly not voting. Just stop playing the game. Get your kids out of the government school system and home/charter school or join a pod. This part will be tough but if you see a Biden bumper sticker or Democrat sign don’t work for that person. You are more powerful if you just don’t comply. Don’t march just don’t comply with the edicts coming from DC.

Here in SW Idaho the 2 major hospitals stated everyone working at the hospitals must be vaccinated by Sept. 15. They hospitals have recinded that decree and they have been looking for “volunteers” to do everything from data entry, janitorial services and manning the kitchens and cafeteria without paying/ hiring people to do the jobs and get a good wage.

I know I may sound a bit like a commie but it is capitalism of supply and demand for the price of labor. Labor is a cost and the people that are willing and capable of doing the work demand higher wages. 2 major hospitals dropped the vaccine mandate because of workers not taken the vaccine. Mcdonalald Douglas dropped the vaccine mandate because 400 workers refused to take vaccine to work. MD is a major government contractor.

I don’t recommend anyone anyone protest as you make yourself a target. Just don’t comply with any edicts that take your freedom. Get local and stock up as the Powers that be will be angry and will want to punish someone. Don’t be a target.

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